Wfla will ask money from the government to pay the fine

Evgeny Yurchenko Evgeny Yurchenko
Photo: Kirill Zykov / AGN Moscow

the all-Russian athletics Federation to ask for help from the state in connection with necessity of payment of the fine imposed on wfla the world athletics Association, said the Russian head of the organization Evgeny Yurchenko.

the World Athletics Council, whose meeting was held in Monaco in March, approved a new list of criteria for recovery of wfla rights, but fined the organization $ 10 million (5 of them suspended) for the situation with the doping scandal.

“the Money the Federation is actively involved in fundraising. We will appeal not only to the Trustees who work with wfla, but to the Russian state, as we believe that the support of the government of the Russian Federation is now paramount for athletics,” said Yurchenko broadcast “Match TV”, answering the question about the fine World Athletics.

the Membership of the club in World Athletics was suspended in November 2015. On 28 February, was elected the new President of the Russian athletics Federation, which became Yurchenko, and was formed the new composition of Presidium of the organization.

on March 2, the Ministry has restored the state accreditation of wfla, the same day Yurchenko sent a letter to the head of World Athletics with Sebastian CoE, in which he admitted the charges of the Independent athletics body (AIU) to address wfla associated with the actions of the previous management in case of a suspected anti-doping rule violation Lysenko.