An Instagram model has boasted that the minibar was “stocked for my fat ass” during an apparent tour of a hotel room on TikTok, claiming that a NBA admirer had paid $7,000 to lure her to the restricted ‘bubble’.

Social media influencer ‘Hannmaile’ appeared to show off a sheet of rules given to NBA players as she took her followers on a tour of what she said was a hotel room inside the NBA bubble.

Claiming that she had been paid $7,000 to enter the heavily restricted players’ camp, based at Disney World in Florida in an attempt to protect players from Covid-19, the self-described “hot girl” said she was quarantining at the luxury Grand Floridian hotel in Orlando, where the average price of a one-night stay is around $730.

Beginning her address to the “daddy gang” – a reference to the vastly-followed Call her Daddy podcast, which discusses sex and everyday life in the style of a “women’s locker room” – the starlet announced: “We have infiltrated new territory.”

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As she showed off a piece of paper stuck to the hotel room fridge that provided a list of basic rules for visitors during their stay, she explained: “By new territory, I mean the NBA bubble.”

She then opened the door to show a selection of water and juice bottles, bragging: “The fridge is stocked up for my fat ass. I’ll make us proud.”

In a boast that is likely to prove self-defeating after her broadcast was picked up by media outlets and on social media, Hannmaile added in a caption: “He spent 7k for me to be here and doesn’t know I’m making these.”

The University of Miami student, who has a link to the institution’s rowing team in her Instagram biography, enjoys posing in skimpy outfits on beaches and adding self-congratulatory descriptions to her frequent selfies.

guess what I’m thinkin ab

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Reacting to a repost of the video on Barstool Sports, which has more than 8.8 million followers on Instagram, some viewers criticized the socialite’s looks and said they would have been embarrassed to have her as a daughter.

“Why is she fumbling the bag?” asked one on Twitter, using the term colloquially brandished to describe giving away a lucrative secret.

“This player probably would have kept spending bread on her. Now she’s about to get him caught [out]. Shake my damn head.”

Firing back at a critic who rated her as a “six out of ten”, Hannmaile admitted she had pursued “d*ck” and responded: “Where did it put me?

Why is she fumbling the bag tho? This player probably would have kept spending bread on her, now she about to get him caught up, smdh…

On a real though, regarding that girl who’s in the bubble we need an NBA investigation. @NBA

If I make it to the nba and am playing in the conference finals during a pandemic in a virus bubble and I risk the safety of everyone there flying you out first class to sneak in to bump uglies for the remainder of the series and you post it on tik tok immediately we are boxing

“Oh, I’m in the NBA bubble. Second of all, no-one said I was cute.

“I just said I made it to the bubble. I would love to see what you look like.”

Earlier this month, Houston Rockets forward Danuel House Jr missed his team’s final three playoff games and left the bubble following an investigation into a breach of the rules that allegedly involved close contact with a female COVID-19 testing official.

Instagram show-off Anna Mya announced that she had been invited in by a player within days of the bubble opening in July, and there have been persistent rumors that players have made similar undercover moves to arrange company for themselves since then.