eight years Ago by the German Samuel Koch (31) broke in the TV show “Wetten, dass..?” in a Horror accident four-fold the Neck, when he wanted to jump with jumping stilts on a car. The brutal diagnosis at the time: cross-paralysis from the neck down, a chef would never walk again or stand. About a year he spent after that in rehab in the Swiss Paraplegic centre in Nottwil, LU. And yesterday, now this: photos in the “image”-newspaper to show him leaning against a wall with no AIDS on his legs.

Training for up to eight hours of the day

this has been made Possible, among other things, a special, in Norway, developed and run device called the Innowalk. “The movements and workout my muscles will be strengthened”, says the chef. For eight months, he trained intensively in order. Before the Exercises, torso, legs, and feet are strapped, the machine mimics then running movements. The Training lasts up to eight hours, per hour, a cook can perform around 4000 steps. Of a “miracle” does not want to cook all the talking, but as a “result of Faith, hope, and struggle”.

The Are also therapeutically

seems That he leans when Standing on a wall, as seen on the pictures, also has a valid reason. “Well, I tried it with my brother Johnny,” says cook. “The first Time he has placed me in a car. I’m not worried. I know that he would save me with a pike jump always. Usually circle only all the other spectators.” The Stand itself also has a therapeutic function. “It is good for the foot, knee and hip joints, and helps fight against osteoporosis-risk.”

The former Stuntman and now works as an actor at the national theatre in Mannheim and has written several books. Finally, the best-selling “pop-up man was released in January of this year!”.