American actress Evan Rachel Wood (31) talks openly about a dark time in your life. The “Westworld”Star in Instagram with cut-scars on the wrist and on the forearm: Wood explains that she did it to herself, as she was in a violent relationship.

“After two years in my violent relationship I sought refuge in self-harm. If my attacker threatened to harm me, I cut my wrist to disarm him,” she writes of the shock photo. “It stopped the abuse for a short time. I had reached a point where I desperately tried to stop the constant Attacks. I was too afraid to go.”

The actress (“Thirteen”) posted three images from a previous shoot. “On the day of this photo shoot, I was so weakened from a violent relationship. I was emaciated, severely depressed and could barely stand. I burst into tears and was sent home,” she writes.

“Can’t remember what it’s like to have no fear,”

let go of The violence, which has seen the actress that she is today. “It is hard to feel safe. I think about it every day. No matter how much I work – I’m looking for a kind of peace and security. I’m trying to put this all behind me, but I don’t know if I will ever make it,” she says tearfully in a short Clip, she shares in Instagram. “I can’t remember what it’s like to have no fear.” Wood is taking with their open Posts on the Social Media campaign “I am Not Ok” part, to educate about abuse in relationships and mental health.

In an Interview with “Rolling Stone” revealed Wood 2016, she had been repeatedly sexually abused: “I’m twice been raped. Once by a boyfriend, while we were still together. And once the owner of a Bar.” The rapes have collapsed, that Wood wanted to take the life. She said: “I had a choice to die, or to come back to life. I’ve decided to get help.” (kad/ds)

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