(Calgary) WestJet suspends its flights between Toronto and Montreal for the winter, thus accentuating its withdrawal from short-haul routes in Eastern Canada to concentrate in the West.

The connection will be suspended for six months, from the end of October, to resume at the end of April.

WestJet spokeswoman Madison Kruger said the decision was made based on its performance and argued it was in line with the airline’s strategy to provide more, longer routes between the east and west of the country.

The Alberta-based airline flies once a day along the busy Toronto-Montreal corridor, which currently sees four carriers make more than 360 trips per week, according to aviation data firm Cirium.

WestJet is flying 80% fewer trips between Toronto and Montreal than in 2019, as the company reduced its routes in Ontario, Quebec and Atlantic Canada to refocus on the West.

WestJet strengthened its position in the eastern part of the country with its acquisition of Sunwing Airlines in May and says it remains committed to the region.