Westerdam passengers landed at the port of Cambodia

Passengers ship Westerdam arrived in the port of Cambodia. A week the ship was drifting from one Asian country to another. The authorities refused to accept the ship, was afraid of the coronavirus. Before the ship has received permission to dock at Cambodian port.

Two weeks, five failures in mooring and freedom. Passengers ship Westerdam down to earth. With flowers in their hands meets the Prime Minister of Cambodia.

public Attention was attracted by the Westerdam a week ago because of suspicions about the presence on Board infected with a coronavirus. Made the situation worse news about sick on another cruise ship – Diamond Princess. Despite the claims of the company that patients on the ship, no, make Westerdam refused Japan, Philippines, GUAM, Thailand and Taiwan. Drift had almost like a boat with refugees.

the Entertainment of the passengers had fun in the floating city with all amenities abound. Among them — the concert hall, casino, fitness centre with Spa club and a basketball court. But even in the most comfortable conditions can become uncomfortable if to leave the ship does not.

“On the ship was very good. It was a Golden cage,” says the passenger.

he Released the liner from Hong Kong on 1 February. The cruise was scheduled for two weeks. And as you get closer to the alleged end of the journey, passengers and crew, it is feared that soon may run out of fuel and food. Then the ship suddenly agreed to accept Cambodia, but only after checking. Analyses of all passengers, which found even the slightest signs of disease, were sent by helicopter to the laboratory. But fears were not confirmed.

Cambodia’s Ministry of health announced that 20 samples taken aboard the Westerdam, was confirmed by the laboratory of the Institut Pasteur in Phnom Penh as negative for coronavirus. On Board never had any suspected cases of coronavirus.

Go tomy not all. Charter flights from Cambodia are expected to fly within a few days.

> Cambodian Authorities gave permission to start Westerdam disembarkation of guests the morning of 14 February 2020 in Sihanoukville. Flight details will be communicated to guests as they are agreed. It is expected that the total planting will take several days, given the schedule of Charter flights. During this time guests will remain on Board, they will provide all necessary services.

And while some passengers expect information about when they will be able to go home, others thank the authorities of Cambodia and sit on the buses that will take them to the airport.