The police in Portugal shot a hostage-taker who, according to consistent media reports, was German. The man was killed in the early hours of the morning in Algés, around ten kilometers west of Lisbon.

Previously, “several attempts to persuade him to give up failed,” the police said on Thursday. Whether the dead man was actually a German, the police did not want to confirm or deny until the evening.

The “very tall and strong man” armed with two knives seriously injured a hostage and slightly injured a police officer, the statement said. The police regret “the death of the attacker” and have initiated internal investigations, it said. The background to the incident initially remained unclear.

As the TV channel CNN Portugal and other media reported, citing police forces, the dead man was a German tourist who broke into the house of a compatriot shortly before five in the morning. When the police arrived, the attacker took at least one man hostage. He was “completely beside himself” and probably under the influence of alcohol.

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