The US President Donald trump said that authorities will not introduce restrictive measures and refuse to shut down the country if the fall will be a second wave of the pandemic of the novel coronavirus. He said this during a meeting with journalists, writes The Hill.

He said that the second wave of the coronavirus will occur with very high probability. “It is a standard. And we’re going to put out the fire. We are not going to close the country”, — said the President.

Trump also expressed confidence that the country will be able to contain future outbreaks. “Be it embers or flame, we’ll put it out, but we don’t close our country,” he said.

In April, several US States on the background of the pandemic coronavirus has taken unprecedented steps and installed checkpoints on its borders, effectively closing them. For example, in Florida and Texas patrol demanded by all residing in the state of Americans who don’t reside in him, to sign a pledge to pass a 14-day quarantine, as well as provide address locations where they plan to stay.

This week all the American States reported willingness to relax the restrictive measures imposed because of the coronavirus. Some businesses were allowed to resume production in order to enable people to return to work. Decisions have been made despite the increase in the number of cases in Arizona, North Carolina, Texas.