the Video on the barely two and a half minutes sent the young teenager subsequent to the DR in a hope that he might be allowed to participate in the children’s MGP. It succeeded, however, do not. Now he, in turn, one of the ten, who are chosen to perform at the Melody Grand Prix, to be held on Saturday.

Emil Høgh Klausen – who is 19 years – gave up namely never the dream.

“I’ve always been very drawn to the Melodi Grand Prix, and when I came to the children’s MGP, I was such a little: ‘Arh, it may not fit. I will be’,” he says with a laugh to B. T. at a press conference ahead of Saturday’s big show.

“So it’s been something that has been on my mind. So it is a big redemption, that I have come up with in years.”

the Path to it was partly paved with patience and the wait.

For at that time, the young sangtalent back in 2013 tried to get with in the children’s MGP, he was assigned to the musician Esben Svane as a coach.

Two years earlier, Esben Svane even participated in Melodi Grand Prix as a part of the band A Friend In London, which snatched the first place with the song ‘New Tomorrow’.

“It succeeded, alas, to come up with at the time, but, in turn, mediated the contact to Esben, who said to me that I should apply to him on Facebook. If there was something that was relevant to me, so he would write to me. And he did so several years later,” laughs Emil Høgh Klausen.

It led to the Emil came on one of the sangskrivercamps, as Esben Svane was a part of.

“In the application, I should send to come by, I wrote that it was still a dream for me to come up with in the song contest, and when we were at the camp, he said that he would like to help me,” says Emil Høgh Klausen.

It led to the Emil – in cooperation with Esben Svane, Gavyn Matthew Bailey and Tim Schou (the latter was also a part of A Friend In London, red.) – wrote the song ‘I wish I had known you’. And the song escaped through the eye of the needle. You can hear the song – and the other nine – when the Danish Melodi Grand Prix will be shown on the DR at 20:00.