In Lower Saxony, the police are investigating an alleged double murder. Two bodies were discovered in a small community south of Hanover. The exact background is still unclear.

The police discovered the bodies of a couple in a house in Wennigsen am Deister, Lower Saxony. According to the information, it is a 59-year-old man and his 60-year-old wife. “The traces indicate that both fell victim to a violent crime,” said a police spokesman on Monday. The investigators initially did not provide any information on the exact cause of death or the instrument used in the crime.

The “Bild” reports that the two bodies were found in the basement of the house, probably shot.

According to the police, a work colleague wanted to look for the man and called the police when no one opened. The criminal police are looking for clues in the family home. Wennigsen am Deister is located southwest of Hanover.

The man killed is said to have owned a car repair shop but recently sold it. His wife was active in the local CDU. Neighbors said the “image”: “We can not explain what happened.”

The police are currently investigating in all directions.