Claudia Norberg (49) would fall in love again. The blonde since her separation from husband Michael Wendler (47) Single.

During this anbandelte quickly with the 19-year-old Laura Müller, Claudia goes on alone through life. That could change now, but soon. Because the 49-Year-old feels now ready for a new relationship – preferably by 2020. “A new Partner would be, of course, this year also not bad at all,” she reveals in an interview with “celebrity flash”.

And what are the qualities of man(n) can capture your heart? Especially Claudia wants openness and acceptance. “He just needs to be tolerant and take me so, as I am,” she describes her dream man.

divorce out of jealousy is delayed?

The divorce of singer Wendler was only at the end of February 2020 officially completed. Prior to that, the process was delayed again and again. Recently, Claudia defended herself against the accusations, she did want to prevent the divorce on purpose because she was jealous of Laura. “From this position, I would distance myself. This headline is incorrect and corresponds in no way to the truth,” she said. (Bang)