Lara gut-Behami: Sölden is a huge Show. It is always so. But I got used to it, it is ultimately just a race of many.

Well, thank you.

I hope so, otherwise I would not have worked well in the summer. I’m healthy, satisfied and motivated. There you go!

no, he is on the train.

if it Were only up to me, would be the whole family always. But I can’t. Skiing makes the most sense, if I can share everything with the family. After all, I’ve been lucky that my father is since the beginning of my career with me.

no, this is not the Same.

I was twelve years old Patrick Flaction worked. It was super. But sometimes you need a new challenge. The big difference is that I now have with Alejo on the go, always someone on the side, he always travels with me. So we can all discuss direct and control – a big advantage

After an injury, it is in the giant slalom more difficult than in the Speed disciplines, to come back. It will take longer. But now I feel better, I also have more confidence in the Material than in the last year.

The giant slalom has always been a core discipline for me. Here, I need security. In the past, it was always so, that when I drove in the giants, I was also in the Super-G and downhill consistently fast.

I drive a lot on feeling. If something is not right, it’s hard. So it was last Winter.

The Material was not to blame. I felt in the giant slalom, just not sure. It was like a vicious circle. If you’re unsure, don’t press the Ski correctly. And if the Ski does not apply, you don’t feel good, and pushing too little. To correct all this within the season, is almost impossible.

If you are drifting, you will lose 3 hundredths in each gate. On 50 or 60 goals, it adds up. At the end of two seconds to come together. It takes extremely little and far back.

no. Sölden is a special race, a lot can happen. I could retire on the third goal – not would not, however, mean that I’m in a good mood. Very generally speaking, I have after a month.

The result on Saturday is not the benchmark for the whole Winter. I can remember how Marlies Schild (now Marlies Raich, editor’s note. d. Red.) In 2010, once at the first Slalom gate landed, at the end of the winter, but nevertheless the ball won. To me, it is just important to drive well.

no, not at all. I used to have it, but I have tried to remove myself as quickly as possible of it.

It’s influenced me ever again. Media criticise, this is normal. But if the criticism is not true at all, it is hurtful. It’s the media that show me the way are not. It is those people who work with me to help me. If there is to change something, I discuss it with you and not with Outsiders.