as someone to emulate, such As Brazil, the USA, is sometimes bizarre. In the largest country in South America, there are people with the first name Valdisnei or Usnavi. Your parents have followed the lead of Walt Disney, respectively, of the U. S. Navy.

With the election of Jair Bolsonaro (63) at the end of October, the Brazilians have copied the US again. Both countries now have a President who divides the people. “Tropical-Trump” is called Bolsonaro because of its Parallels and sympathies to the US President often.

Now you have one more thing in Common: Hardly you will meet in Davos on the WEF’s founder, Klaus Schwab (80), they are tame.

In foreign policy, diplomatic

Trump turned, a year ago, when he made it in spite of itself angezetteltem trade war on good weather. Bolsonaro tats him yesterday afternoon, equal, implored, suddenly, the protection of the environment and took a distance from its campaign of harassment against minorities.

Both follow the logic, to be in the internal politics of tough, and provocative, against the outside of but soft to occur, if it serves the purpose.

The story: The Brazilians are tired of living in a thoroughly corrupt and violent country. Bolsonaro promised before the election to tackle.

he described his son as “better dead than gay”, did not harm him. That he, the former paratrooper, praising the brutal military dictatorship between 1964 and 1985.

sacrifice for WEF

Because even those who would never choose this political style, and appreciated his performances as a sign that Bolsonaro is not part of the Establishment. Just as Trump was able to delineate, through his Twitter rants from the political pie in Washington, the his voters for their demise responsible.

On the international stage, this rhetoric does not lead far. So smart, both of which are, respectively, as well as they are advised.

So copied Bolsonaro Trump again yesterday and ate for his appearance chalk. For the benefit of the WEF, he had moved even surgery, in the him a pouch is located on an artificial colon output, to the rear. Bolsonaro had been stabbed in September during a campaign event, and had barely survived. Yes, the fronts in Brazil, are yet to be hardened than in the United States.

as if …

As he stands next to Klaus Schwab on the stage, sold Bolsonaro Brazil as a business location. “We were not yet open for investments from abroad. That will change.” He wanted to reduce taxes and the state budget balance. That sounds believable.

Behind the Rest a lot of question marks. “We will protect the human rights”, he tried the allegations, he would show the fascist trains. The failures in the election campaign, let other fear.

“We are in the world, the country with the largest forest area. We will take care of it,” he defended his handling of the rain forest. By contrast, speaks, that he has decided, in the few days in the office already, a number of measures that will accelerate the deforestation is probably solid. Will benefit from the strong agricultural companies will lose native peoples and the environment.

The question is, whether someone believes the Blarney. The model of the United States broke the promise last year.

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