Weekly program Вести.net as of March 21, 2020

Who and when predicted coronavirus, why do we need cardboard figures at a press conference and what happens if you drop the phone, which from all sides of the display main news in the world of technology for a week in the final edition of the program Вести.net with Pavel Kushelev.

In this issue:

– What services and how experiencing explosive growth because of the epidemic of the coronavirus. Microsoft Teams made free and it broke in the UK were not working cell phones and Netflix and YouTube asked to lower video quality.

the Leaders of the Russian high – tech have created an Alliance to their technology could be used to combat the spread of the virus. But it was possible to attend to this earlier – the current outbreak of coronavirus Microsoft co-founder bill gates predicted back in the March 2015 year. And suggested to take measures that will prevent a new global epidemic.

news of the gaming industry is also somehow tied to the current situation. Details about new Xbox and PlayStation reveal on the big shows, and online announcements.

– the Apple of recent years, namely in March, staged prompts for different atypical products. In the end, the company threw out a bunch of new products online without any presentations.

– new flexible Display phone Huawei Mate XS and find out what would happen if it dropped on the floor.

Text: To.Hi-tech