What were the times when we still believed in the Easter Bunny! Hopeful, we went into the garden, looked behind the hedges and bushes to nests with sweets. But today, as the Faith is lost, denatured us the Knowledge of dental Caries and caloric richness of the chocolate, the joy.

Naive Optimism and knowing skepticism: This discrepancy also characterizes the two opponents in the debate on the question of “Is the liberal world order at the end?”. On the one hand, CNN host and Washington Post columnist Fareed Zakaria (56), and responds with no, on the other, a Harvard history Professor Niall Ferguson (55), put in a vehement Yes.

While this conversation whose Protocol has recently been published in German in book form, in 2017 in Toronto. However, the question of how it goes with the globalization, more necessary in the character of the Corona-crisis all the more urgent. In this respect, the reading of this speech duel-to-date than ever, especially since the arguments on both sides for years are the same: as the optimistic Easter Bunny finder to the Indian-born Zakaria, the pessimistic chocolate objectors to the British Ferguson.

“Up to the Second world war, Europe was looking for four or five centuries of the war, as she has no other continent has experienced,” says Zakaria. Alone France and Germany in the 19th century. And 20. Century, through three Wars and to the death fights, which is unthinkable today. One to zero for him. The Ferguson considers, the world order is freedom, because the real beneficiaries of China. “How can it be a free order, if this is a one-party state?” A point for Ferguson: one-to-one.

“of Course, is not this world perfect,” says Zakaria. “There continue to be wars and flagrant violations of human rights.” But everywhere the young people want this liberal world order. “But young people need to understand that this world is not a self-runner, and that you can’t with a mere “Like” on Facebook to receive and expand,” said Zakaria more. “You have to do something for its preservation.” Two-to-one.

There are many tasks to come to the liberal world order, and give it to politicians that their demise celebrations – people such as Donald Trump, Marine Le Pen or Nigel Farage, as Zakaria: “want to These people that they fail, they believe that they have found a lever: do not use the fear of people who might be able to understand the complexity of these forces, and give them simple answers.”

Ferguson notes, in this context, the financial crisis of 2008: “This has hurt many people, and therefore, the financial crisis has led to the rise of the populists.” And it is to be feared that the Corona-crisis, this Argument gives yet another boost: a two-to-two.

Niall Ferguson/Fareed Zakaria, “Is the liberal world order at the end? A dispute”, Nagel & Kimche