It is difficult for some to hold the phone in your pocket, when there are big events, especially if you have the possibility to get the image to its Instagram-story.

But for an american photographer it was too much, when a guest destroyed the one of the most important wedding photos on the day.

‘For the girl with the iphone… You destroyed not only my shots, but you also stole this moment from the groom, the bride’s father and the bride,’ writes Hannah Mbalenhle Stanley from Fort Worth, Texas, UNITED states.

She is the photographer, who was hired to perpetuate the wedding, from which she has shared two pictures in a posting on Facebook that have been shared over 170 thousand times.

the Picture shows the father of the bride, who follow the bride up to the altar, but covered by a couple of blurry arms with a cell phone in the middle of the image.

‘What did you intend to do with the image? Honestly. Would you have printed it out? Saved it? Looked at it every day? No. It would not,’ writes Hannah Stanley.

But it would be the bride. Every time she saw the picture, she would remember the day, where her father followed her up the aisle. Therefore gives Hannah Stanley this message:

‘Guests, stop by to experience the wedding through a screen, but instead turn off your phone and enjoy the ceremony. In is important for the wedding couple, otherwise, was not invited. So let me do my work, sit back, relax, and enjoy the here unique experience.’

the Lookup has got over a thousand comments, where the vast majority agree with Hannah stanley’s wake-up call for guests who just need to have a picture.

another photographer, has commented that he has experienced, that the people arose and stood in the middle of the aisle, and destroyed the professional image, in order to take a picture with the phone.

Several photographers also writes that they often have addressed the problem with the mindless guests, as they experience it all the time.

You are also asked to pack his phone away in the church, adds a second. The advertisement has received over 128 thousand likes.