Short stays, the spring air, the feel-Good weather. Then the Shiver-Frost-crash comes. Again. A touch of Winter returns to Germany after it was in the winter from November up until now, really.

“High-Jürgen holds out until Saturday, and it is overall, warmer than the days before. Saturday up to 19 degrees in the South and West. A lot of sun, and Saturday is also mostly friendly,“ says meteorologist Jürgen Schmidt from the weather office to IMAGE.

as of Sunday, new cold air coming in from the North with the Deep Mareike. This, in part, to the depth of the snow layers.

weather expert Schmidt to IMAGE: “From the night to Monday again often to Frost. The Monday will be cold with single-digit maximum. Tuesday for a maximum of ten degrees. From Wednesday on, it is only very slowly, a little warmer.“

hope for warmer weather? “at the Earliest next weekend,” said Schmidt.