So, today will not be without rain. Sometimes thunder storms. Day maximum the air warms up to 21 degrees. But the wind will blow from the West and southwest, so there will be a feeling that the street is warmer.

But on Sunday, the wind has changed direction to the North. In this case the background temperature is not particularly changed. Night maximum to plus of 16 degrees, the day – plus 18…20.

At the beginning of next work week will become warmer by day to 23 degrees. The rains cease. Until the middle of the week they are not expected. The wind again blows from the South. Fourth Aug night plus 8…13 degrees during the day to plus 26. Fifth Aug night plus 10…15 day to 28 degrees.

Previously the scientific Director of the hydrometeorological center Roman Vilfand told the Russian newspaper that Moscow temperatures in August may be higher than normal, but excess of it will not be too large. The norm for Moscow are considered daytime temperatures from + 23…25 degrees in the beginning of the month to 17…18 heat in his last days. “Still, solar activity is already fading, so is the decrease in the average temperature by the end of month five and more degrees,” – said Vilfand. And added that these are average values. Maybe the whole month to be warm.