The weather in Germany: A violent storm passed over Germany on Friday. Deep Emmelinde has caused massive damage, especially in East Westphalia, the number of injured is over 60. The tornado in Paderborn in particular raged heavily, 43 people were injured.

1:02 p.m .: After the violent storms in parts of Germany, the weather situation has mostly calmed down. The German Weather Service (DWD) only occasionally warns of strong thunderstorms with gusts of wind and small-scale hail on Saturday. Orange Alert applies. The following groups are specifically affected:



In the Harz – Bergland (Upper Harz) district, the DWD also warns of severe gusts of wind. According to the experts, speeds of up to 95 kilometers per hour can occur above 1000 meters.

The essentials in brief:

To read in the ticker protocol:

11:17 a.m .: The press conference is over.

11.15 a.m .: The seriously injured were first treated in a Paderborn clinic, then operated on in a special clinic in Bielefeld. She’s doing a little better, but “she’s still in mortal danger.”

11.15 a.m .: A colleague was also injured. He was hit by flying parts during an operation. “First he finished his assignment, then he went to the hospital,” says Ettler. He does not comment on the severity of the injury.

11.14 a.m .: He now has to express some criticism. “The willingness to help was immense. But some of the citizens have also been so free and so audacious as to disobey police tape, enter danger zones and impede our rescue efforts. That annoyed us.” He appealed: “The dangerous situation is not over yet. Onlookers have no place in the city center and they too are in danger.”

11:13 a.m.: “This tornado hit us straight away,” he begins. Cars were destroyed, as was the building. A colleague got injured.

11.12 a.m .: Now speaks Ulrich Ettler, senior police director.

11.11 a.m .: “Thank you very much to all rescue workers and everyone else … what was done here in a very short time.” You can “be proud of what is happening in Paderborn”. Thoughts are with the injured.

11.10 a.m .: He is still deeply shocked, he begins. There was also an injured person at his house – “hit by objects flying around,” he reports.

11.09 a.m .: Now District Administrator Rüther speaks.

11.08 a.m .: He thanks again for the help. “I am infinitely grateful, but also deeply shocked when you see what can happen in such a short time in a city.”

11.07 a.m .: “Prime Minister Hendrik Wüst and Interior Minister Herbert Reul will get an idea this afternoon,” he says.

11.05 a.m .: “It’s just an unbelievable picture that presented itself,” he describes, visibly taken aback. A fire truck got into a tornado, a tree broke through the windshield. “Fortunately, nothing happened to the two who were sitting in front.”

11.03 a.m .: Now the mayor describes the path of the tornado. “The trees are literally snapped like matches, the houses have been designed, the windows are smashed.” The Pader source area is “literally collided”.

11.03 a.m .: The mayor thanks all emergency services and the public for the help offered.

11.02 a.m .: Hundreds of operations had been carried out. “Unfortunately, one person is seriously injured. Our thoughts are with this person.” In general, there are 43 injured, including 13 seriously injured. “Our thoughts are with you.”

11:01 a.m .: “Paderborn is appalled, Paderborn is shocked, Paderborn is deeply affected,” Mayor Michael Dreier begins.

11 a.m.: The press conference begins.

10.50 a.m .: After the storm with injuries and high damage in North Rhine-Westphalia, a press conference will be held in Paderborn at 11.00 a.m. today with the Paderborn district administrator, the mayor of the city and representatives of the fire brigades and the police. FOCUS Online reports live here.

10.44 a.m .: According to the district administration, storm depression Emmelinde also caused serious damage in the Höxter district in North Rhine-Westphalia. In a statement on Saturday, the authority referred to serious damage in the Lütmarsen district of the city of Höxter. In order not to affect the clean-up work there and to keep traffic in the community as low as possible, in coordination with the fire brigade of the city of Höxter, we are urgently asked not to come to the district’s vaccination center in Lütmarsen on Saturday.

The German weather service had confirmed a tornado suspicion for Lütmarsen.

10.32 a.m .: More than 50 injured, one dead and damage in the millions – Hurricane Emmelinde has left its mark in Germany. However, some federal states survived the storm without major damage, such as Baden-Württemberg, Saxony and Thuringia.

In Baden-Württemberg there were strong thunderstorms and stormy gusts in many regions and trees and torn branches fell on the streets, according to the police. But no one was injured.

The hurricane has passed through Thuringia without causing major damage. According to the Ministry of the Interior on Saturday morning, there were only a few smaller police and fire brigade operations. Much of this involved fallen trees on roads. A spokesman for the German Weather Service also confirmed that the Free State “got off relatively harmlessly”. Nevertheless, there were sometimes strong thunderstorms and heavy gusts of wind.

Similar picture in Saxony. As a spokesman for the German Weather Service (DWD) said on Saturday, there were no large-scale storms in the Free State. However, there were sometimes strong thunderstorms and heavy gusts of wind. Wind speeds of up to 113 kilometers per hour were measured in Oschatz. According to the Ministry of the Interior, weather-related operations by the police and fire brigade were only due to downed trees.

07:59: Lippstadt was also badly hit by the storm. The fire brigade announced that “a tornado probably passed through the North Rhine-Westphalian city in the afternoon”. Spokesman reported in the evening of “covered roofs, broken shop windows and many fallen trees across the city”. Injuries are “currently not known”.

The St. Clemens Church in the district of Hellinghausen was severely damaged and the church tower was demolished. A Twitter video shows the extent:

7.48 a.m .: The German Weather Service (DWD) confirmed three suspected tornado cases after the severe storms on Friday in parts of North Rhine-Westphalia. “We can confirm three,” said a spokesman for the DWD on Saturday morning of the German Press Agency. Accordingly, tornadoes occurred in Paderborn, Lippstadt and in Lütmarsen, a district of the city of Höxter.

7.14 a.m .: According to police information, there were no injuries in the severe storm in Lippstadt in the Soest district. There was no injury report, said a police spokesman on Saturday morning. Clean-up work continued in Lippstadt. “Everything has to be cleaned up after such chaos,” he clarified, adding: “Many emergency services have been on the road and are still on the road.” It is mainly about damage to roofs and trees that occurred on Friday. In the inner city of Lippstadt, areas are still closed for safety reasons.

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