After the heat wave, which peaked at the weekend, it cooled down in large parts of Germany on Monday. However, in some parts and especially in the south it will remain hot and temperatures of up to 33 degrees can be expected. Occasional heavy showers and thunderstorms are also expected.

After the heat, the week on the last day of the calendar spring starts with rain in large parts of Germany. The German weather service announced early Monday morning that showers and sometimes heavy thunderstorms were to be expected in the central parts of the country well into the morning.

In the south and southeast it will remain mostly dry for the time being. In the course of the day there will also be individual showers in the north and east. In the afternoon, individual, sometimes strong thunderstorms can also be expected in the south, which will move towards the Alps in the evening. It should be 17 to 24 degrees in the northern half, 27 to 33 degrees in the very south.

On the night of Tuesday there will be individual showers or thunderstorms in the north-east and in the very south, which will then subside quickly. It’s getting cooler, the lows are between seven and ten degrees.

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