The pictures of the Piazza Nazionale in Naples to give one to Ex-to think mafia hunter Paolo Bernasconi (75). There was a man shot up on the afternoon of the 3. May, on the sidewalk with a large-caliber gun to kill a rival. With six balls, he stretched out his victim, but also the small-Noemi (3), which is fighting since then to your life. That his assassination of a plurality of monitoring cameras is filmed, it didn’t seem to care for it: for example, the Camorra in Naples is hardened.

“The attack is particularly to us Swiss something,” says Paolo Bernasconi. The former Ticino state’s attorney weiss: “Almost all of the firearms in the hands of the Italian Mafia from our country.” Maybe the Nine-Millimeter gun, whose bullet tore through both lungs of the three-year-old girl?

again and again chatted mafia godfather in Interrogations, how easy it was to come in Switzerland to weapons. “Our country is for the Mafia of the purest supermarket,” says Bernasconi. For 50 years, he had to do as a lawyer with the Mafia in Switzerland and in Italy. “Already in 1969 the Arsenal was in the case of the Camorra in Naples discovered with weapons, which all came from Lugano,” says the Ex-Prosecutor.

weapons in cars and buses to Italy

pistols, revolvers, or assault rifles managed to be managed by the hundreds each year across the border. Usually in the trunk of cars or in Luggage on Board a regular bus service from Switzerland to southern Italy. “In Italy, it is extremely hard to get firearms,” says Paolo Bernasconi, “in Germany and in Austria, the acquisition is not easy. In Switzerland, the registrations when buying weapons lashing. Mafiosi lubricate the Swiss, or they come as a well-integrated citizens by yourself easily, even on semi-automatic weapons.”

In July 2011, to be found in a Garage in Campobasso (I), dozens of machine guns of the type Kalashnikov, also guns, pistols, silencers, bullet-proof vests and ammunition. “Switzerland,” noted the investigating Prosecutor later.

As of 2014, the cell was blown (LOOKING told), was in Calabria, a mobster with the nickname of “leafhopper” has been arrested. He brought weapons from Switzerland into the country. Since December of 2017, another arms dealer in the Mafia sitting in Zurich in a detention center. Last year, a 61 in Bellinzona-Year-old from Biel / Bienne, BE, among other things, due to years of mafia-like weapons trafficking before the court. But also criminal organisations from France to benefit from the tabs of the arms act. Prosecutor Brice Robin estimates that from 2014 to 2016 around 400 weapons from Switzerland were made to Marseille (F) and Toulouse (F).

“We need to protect our vigilante”

“success of The Investigation is only the tip of the iceberg,” says Paolo Bernasconi. This opinion is also Nicola Gratteri (60). In an Interview with “Il caffè” confirmed Italy’s most famous anti-mafia Prosecutor: “The Mafia in Switzerland in the drugs, but also involved in weapons trade.”

Paolo Bernasconi warns: “The Mafia is using the weapons for their bloody gang wars, extortions, but also against the police and the border guard.” The Ticino lawyer 19 hopes to the tightening of the Swiss firearms act, like they on the next. May is to vote. “We need to protect our law enforcers,” says Bernasconi. In the past decades, a so-called “fourth Mafia was formed”.

The Clans have settled in Lombardy, and in Piedmont, in the direct vicinity of Switzerland. There whole economy are sectors such as the construction industry firmly in the Mafia Hand. Bernasconi: “in Switzerland, they are gaining increased foot. We need to watch out for and defend ourselves!”

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