The Aargauer country Ammann, Urs Hofmann is the President of the conference of Cantonal justice and police Directors (cantonal justice and police Directors). The 62-Year-old warns that with the rejection of the EU weapons Directive on 19. May our Schengen membership is likely to fall. On the phone, the government, what it meant for Switzerland, explains.

Hofmann you are not a shooter, is it?
Urs Hofmann: However, even a double: the sign of the zodiac and ascendant. And I shot in my military service. But a member of the protect Association, I am not, no.

no, lens these are unfounded. I think it’s going to be a fundamental Opposition to them. It is the circles that were always going to be against Schengen fight back. And of course there is the resistance to any changes. If I were to compare, but the minimal changes with the enormous risks of a no vote, then the lack of understanding of me.

not relevant. If someone owns an automatic weapon, he must demonstrate that he / she is protecting in a club or all five of the years shoots. If a shooter has his gun not just in the closet, but use it. I even see benefits to the clubs: if you want to have a gun register, has an interest to become a member of a rifle club.

cantonal justice and police Directors the EU weapons Directive so important?
Because we are responsible for the safety of the people in Switzerland. And if we say no to the weapons Directive, the risk is big that we lose the membership in the Schengen-Dublin.

Yes, because without the membership, our police could use the Schengen information system (SIS), a Europe-wide wanted persons are put out to tender. A rapid identification of criminals is Central. You think of the assassin as that of Strasbourg, or of kidnapping: If a father or a mother in Switzerland, kidnapped a child, it is vital that we find the people before they left Europe.

But the risk is very high. We find within 90 days after a people, no not with all the Schengen States of a solution, is the risk of Ausschieds huge. We came in the struggle with the EU to find a solution that is for the military men and unproblematic. Small uncomfortable avoid for weapons holder, you can not take in purchasing that terrorists, or the Central-European burglar gangs go through the cloth.

SIS essential.
In the year 2017, we a 15’000 search hits in the SIS. 7000 people, we were able to pause and 600 delinquent arrest. If we’d have to go back again to the old System with alerts and investigations with individual EU member States, we would approximate to such Figures. Police commanders say, with a no weapons policy, we would be blind in one eye.

As a landlocked country, Switzerland is able to back itself especially many asylum seekers in those European countries in which they first applied for asylum. Mostly the Italy. If we could not take advantage of Dublin, would asylum-seekers travel to the end, somewhere rejected in Europe, to us, to once again set up a request. Without Dublin, we were the number 1 Destination for asylum shoppers trying to do it after a negative decision in another state. And don’t forget the Visa.

Yes, Chinese and Indian tourists benefit from the holidays in Europe that you can travel, thanks to the Schengen visa for the whole continent. We would not be in Schengen, you would need to apply for a visa for Switzerland, if you want to go to the Jungfraujoch. After side trips to Paris, Rome, and Venice would then travel many place to Bern and Lucerne to Austria. The tourism significant losses threatened. And yet in another place we would have financial disadvantages.

Germany, Austria, France and Italy have to reintroduce border controls. Even if you are not controlled as strictly as before, the controls with the numerous frontier to backwater – experts expect that the time cost of losses every year, several billion Swiss francs. All in all: It is not for me to understand how you can refuse to accept the weapons policy if you do not want to harm Switzerland.

The former SP national councillor and prior to the great Council, Urs Hofmann, Born in 1956, is the Aargauer country Ammann and head of the Department of economic and internal Affairs. The lawyer has been sitting for ten years in the cantonal government. He presided for 14 years, the Aargau trade Union Confederation. Hofmann was on 11. April elected President of the conference of Cantonal justice and police Directors (cantonal justice and police Directors). He is married and the father of three adult children.

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Federal decision on the approval and implementation of the note declared exchange between Switzerland and the EU on the Adoption of the Directive Amending the EU arms Directive
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