Actually, it’s not the business of the Viola Amherd (56). For the adjustment of the arms law to the EU legislation, on the on 19. May be voted, the liberal-minded Minister of justice, Karin Keller-Sutter (55).

But who cares in this voting campaign for the largest vertebrae, are the people of the defense Minister. This week, for example, Major General Yvon Langel (59). He was in Brig, VS, at the Assembly of delegates of the Association of Swiss to protect veterans (VSSV).

The Canton of Vaud appeared as the official representative of the still incumbent Army chief Philippe Rebord (61). After the Association had once again summoned his resistance against the template, said Langel, according to a report in the “Walliser Bote”, the VSSV with its total of around 20000 members clearly have an influence. “This Makes it,” let the squad man said.

opinion of the DDPS

A top military, weibelt against the new weapons law? And this, although his superior Rebord had made in the Sunday view just it abundantly clear that career officers to the Position of the Federal Council and to approve the Revision!

No wonder, the tolling of the bells at VBS all alarm. The next day the Valais newspaper printed a Corrigendum. The statements of Langel were played “incorrectly”, it was said there.

Only Really sure it was not the Department of the CVP Federal councillor, then it seems to be. On Thursday, it released suddenly, and a media unsolicited communication.

No effect on Acquisition of army weapon

the VBS is not explained, the revised weapons law take the “poor weapon to target”. And: “For the VBS is crucial: The revised law has no effect on the Acquisition of army weapon.” This means translated: The people shall adopt the template.

That Amherd is difficult to define in this question, to control their staff, for quite some time. The Swiss officers ‘ Association (SOG), for example, of the top professional cadres of the army members, took to the new weapons law surprisingly, the no-Parole.

Viola Amherd-in-law

At the delegates ‘ meeting of the SOG in Einsiedeln, SZ, you missed then in March the opportunity to speak in support of the Federal Council template Tacheles, and son-in-law. What should have led the administration to a shake of the head.

The two SVP Federal councillors Ueli Maurer, (68), Guy Parmelin (59), however, took advantage of all the opportunities and languages – albeit cautiously – for a ‘ Yes ‘ in may, although her party voted, in contrast to Amherds CVP against the new weapons law. Maurer and Parmelin have it easier: you must not hold the officers in check who want to raise their profile in the Protect.
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