I interviewed the best guides – the winners of the Russian geographical society, as in the regions will meet tourists. Of course, when local authorities will lift the restrictions. Meet Igor Povetkin, Marina Nozhenko and Vitaly Maleev.

Igor Povetkin from Barnaul, geographer and ecologist, takes trips to the city and interesting places in the Altai, including organized trips to Karakol lake.

Historian and translator Marina Nozhenko lives and works as a specialist of the Museum-reserve Kizhi island. She is the winner of the super final of the contest “the Best tour guide Russia”. Leave Marina conquers the snowy peaks, climbing up on the masts of sailing ships and moonlights in the support team of the Russian stage “Formula 1”, but his most favorite place on earth thinks of Kizhi.

Vitaly Maleev from Myshkin. He is not just a guide – reporting from the “world center of administration mice”. Recalls that the mouse flew into space before humans. In humans and mice a single ancestor, an ancient beast the size of a rat. On mice study human ills and evils of obesity and alcoholism. They also tested the vaccine against COVID-19.

To Myshkin for the season came to 200 thousand tourists. More precisely, it was not until the pandemic. And now?

After the easing of restrictions you will continue the tour?

Vitaly Maleev: Museums of Myshkin closed. But we hope that from 15 June will be able to take guests on a sightseeing tour of the city, and then to museums. Follow the news on the website of Myshkin tourist information center.

Igor Povetkin: Yes, after easing restrictions, I will continue to organize tours in the Mountain Altai, as well as excursions in Barnaul and the surrounding area – I am free to attract residents to the mountains.

Marina Nozhenko: I incredibly miss the fun! But, unfortunately, our Museum-reserve is closed. However, its island location has several advantages. You can take a boat and sail around Kizhi. The island is tiny, and the coastline is open, the entire exhibition is visible at a glance. See the Kizhi architectural ensemble, old farmhouses, chapels, barns, baths, mill from all angles. I recommend to explore the beautiful chapel on the neighbouring shores. However, as far as I remember, the journey should be planned taking into account the fact that all visitors to Karelia from other regions needs to spend 14 days in isolation.

Prices on the background of the pandemic from growing?

Vitaly Maleev: Called the hotel complex “Myshkin” said that prices will remain the same. Overall, the mood at the current prices.

Igor Povetkin: For rest in Mountain Altai, I recommend you to select hotels by the shore of Katun, and Mayminsky and Chemalsky regions. The growth of prices against the background of the pandemic not ��bludau, on the contrary, in the economy segment there was a slight decrease. On average, the hotels Junior suites are worth 6-7 thousand. Suite, Suite, etc. – 12-25 thousand. There are premium cottages for 50-70 thousand per day. In the village, really to remove a two-storey cottage 70-80 sq m with 3 to 4 bedrooms for 8-9 thousand per day (and sometimes even for 5-6 thousand) and relax in the company of 8-10 people. But you can put your tent on the bases from 500 to 1500 rubles per day. Well, or “savages.”

Marina Nozhenko: Around the island of Kizhi located guest house, with many Windows boasts a wonderful view of the Kizhi Pogost – I guess the price depends primarily on this factor.

What’s new on tours?

Igor Povetkin: Plan to expand the geography in other regions of Russia in connection with growing demand on the domestic tourism market.

Vitaly Maleev: Prepared a presentation of new tourist routes, arriving on the Volga will have a new meeting on the dock – real trained mice. Myshkin will hold a festival of street musicians “Street party over the river” and will open a new exhibition, “Mysteries of the Mouser” in the Palace of the mouse. 2020, according to the Eastern calendar – Year of the Mouse. And mouse, as always, at the forefront of human health. We monitor the participation of rodents in addressing issues of pandemic: include this information in the tour.

Marina Nozhenko: for the First time after a forty-year break will open door for visitors the Church of the Transfiguration on Kizhi island – one of the largest and most complex of wooden buildings on the planet. The temple returned to its historic geometry and increased by 1.5 meters! For the first time in eight decades there will be a Church service, and visitors can see the interior of an ancient temple, the main attraction of which is the largest in the Russian North carved iconostasis.