In the ‘Mother doing porn’, a group of middle-aged women engaged in to make a porno movie, as their big, children must see. But it has gone up for them that they actually never talked about porn with their children.

In an outbuilding in Næstved discusses the four women, whether or not to close-ups on the genitals, on the guy’s halvfede must be cut out, and a patio table can keep to be a prop in a porno movie.

Two of the women testing it just to be sure. In an investigative program on TV 2, four mothers write, and to instruct your own porn film, because they think that the porn industry is rampant, and they are worried about, what young people see and compare with.

In programserien ‘Mother doing porn’ explores Sanne, Zøsser, Charline and Charlotte, how they can make a porn film, as they can live with their children see.

Zøsser: “I would like to make a feminist porn film and a film where the enjoyment for both parties is the focus.”

Sanne: “We would simply make a film where the woman is with. And we would show that the woman can see out in all sorts of ways. Therefore, it was important for us that it was a woman, who has a natural body, and that she was not completely shaved.”

Charlotte: “Yes, for some of the things that irks me the most in industry today, it is the impact of the young person and their look on them myself.”

Sanne: “And so it is really also a big problem if the representatives of the porn industry is against there being a condom on in the films. There are many stds out there, so therefore it is insanely important, that there will be more focus on kondomerne.”

Zøsser: “It is also just a matter of political correctness, and to send a good signal to the young that you must take care of themselves and each other. So on with the rubber.”

Embarrassing porn, who all look – also your kids

In Denmark we have had free porn in 50 years. In spite of it is porn and sex is not a topic you normally hear discussed over the day in the canteen or as a topic in samtalekøkkenet.

Sex is one of the most natural for man, and a terms of evolution, so why in the why not?

it Is shameful to watch porn?

Zøsser: “I do not think it is shameful. Maybe it’s rather embarrassing and blufærdigt?”

Sanne: “I think about porn, that it is something that my family does not need to know, I see. But it is not because it is shameful, more because I think it is very private. Even though we live in a society, which is very liberated, so are we all together well in a greater or lesser extent sexuality.”

Charlotte: “it’s not just because of one’s own sexuality is private? Sex should be private. We are not and cracking each other up the walls out on the street.”

Sanne, Zøsser, Charline and Charlotte has a total of 18 children have a good reason to consider how children and young people relate to porn, since some of their children according to the statistics, will be among those who see it. The topic of porn is never something the women have talked with their children about, though the four families otherwise can talk about it mostly.

Charline: “We are talking about substances and their effects. We are talking about sex and ”then he did it, and I can like”. All of it. But no, we had never talked about porn, so therefore I thought not really, it existed in their world.”

Charlotte: “I had not spoken with my children about it, and I’m talking with my children about everything. Yes, like everything you mention, Charli. About all sorts of seksualiteter, transgender people, and what one and other are. But the porn we had not talked about it.”

How can it be that you haven’t done this, do you think?

Charline: “I thought not, they saw it actually.”

Zøsser: “I was not aware that so raw the porn was on the net. So I got a shock when we found out that you are two clicks away from watching a rape. If I had known that it was stuck so much of free porn on the net, so I had taken the conversation. It is completely safe.”

Sanne: “I think it is really difficult for many who are not accustomed to talk about very private things with their children. So it can be difficult to talk about porn and sexuality, also if you as the adult has not taken a position to it. And if you feel it is something that is embarrassing to take a position. The balance is to be able to talk with his children about the industry without having to exceed the child’s boundaries. For the child did not want to get sexual advice of their mother and father. I don’t think children can imagine nothing worse almost.”

Charline: “I think, actually, my children would be quite happy to get.”

Sanne: “Yes okay, but I think there are very few children who would be able to accommodate it. Most would just say: ”Not okay, now dig I me down, mother. Forever”.”

another aspect in the discussion is how the schools handle the conversation about sex and intercourse.

Charlotte: “There are in fact a part of sex education. Among others we have just been through the Week Sex (feature week with a focus on sex education, red.). They have a whole week of the year from 0 to 10 the class with sexual education. But the only thing, they never learn anything about, it is actually sex. They learn about contraception, seksualiteter, familieformer, but what normal sex is, it teaches the not on the. And it seems I’m simply terrible.”

Charline: “I think, that you are here shows that we have made, could be used in sex education. Now we have elected a man and a lady, but it could well have been other seksualiteter. It’s just the way it looks when two people have sex.”

Is porn passé?

In a time where sustainability, feminism and meto take up much space in the public conversation – both good and bad – can you ask if the porn still has its place in the equation?

Charline: “It is not a question of whether it is appropriate, for it is a train, running stronger than ever we will come to understand. This is equivalent to saying that we would rather not have the full moon more, we will only have the new moon. Which is something you can not control.”

Charlotte: “There is also proper porn that is free. But no, we can’t do anything about it. We’re just going to have to accept that it is there. And I also believe that it can do something.”

What can it?

Sanne: “Quick and efficient orgasm. And then you can also well learn something about sex.”

Zøsser: “It comes just depends on where you look.”

Charline: “And so it shall the be tested. Otherwise it is like taking a coachuddannelse on the web without talking to anyone. But you must go out and have some clients and actually practicing it.”

“well, You can lure something in pornoen and think that it could be a bit tasty – maybe would you like to be tied up, or what I know – and as you look you around a bit and find out that you are possibly to something japanese bindeteknik. On the way you can learn something and be inspired. And then you can take it home and try it in your own sex life in a safe environment and a framework, you decide.”

Charlotte: “But, as I said, you can’t do anything about it. Pornoen is there, and there will probably be more of it. Therefore, it is relevant to consider how we relate to porn. What it is for some eyes, we see it with.”

How can you think that one should look at porn?

Charline: “I am personally very committed to human rights, so for me it is also important that there is consent (all nod and agree, red.).”

Sanne: “Yes, there should be better conditions and rights check in the industry.”

Charlotte: “There are many things that are problematic also in relation to the salary and kvindebilledet.”

in addition to the conditions in the porn industry and for the cast discusses the women also, how for the consumer to ensure that it all goes properly.

Charlotte: “today, the problem is, of course, that all can go into the digital and see live images. It does, of course, that even small children quite inadvertently may get to see everything that is possible by typing something in Google, they have heard, and so they are in there.”

Charline: “Yes, I can promise you that if my then 10-year-old son had heard someone talking about something, then you should quickly see him try to spell to the “dut dut dut”, and then he was there. And it is this that is really problematic. So there, I think, that you have to log in with his / her NemId or social security number. So long as it’s not children or animals, and there is consent, so you may have and see all the weird crazy sex, you will, I just think that you need to check in with your NemId.

Sanne: “the Industry needs to get on track with more control and governance. Who should walk in kondomerne, better working conditions and consent, and then they must completely remove assault and rape.”

the Article was published in the cooperation with Alt for damerne