In coronaries all Russians have combined a fear of losing their job. When paralyzed the entire economy — can knock even the most reliable employer. People massively deprived of wages are different, not always legal ways. However, the authorities do not want to see disaster: in gosstatistiki unemployment is normal. We have collected the real stories of Russians who have lost their jobs and left without means of livelihood.

official Reports on the state of the labor market is surprisingly optimistic. Labor Minister Anton Kotkov reported to the President that the unemployed are less now than last spring. Its data is the number registered in employment services. So they became by 44 thousand people more, and not in March-April and year to date. Sheer nonsense, word. “Now in Russia was 735 thousand unemployed. A year ago at this time registered at the employment centres was 813 thousand people”, — reported the Minister.

Preoccupied by the number of unemployed and the Central Bank. In conducted on the order of the study “Infom” noted: “the Share of lost jobs in March, while small, 2%”. This figure sounds like a mockery. Sociologists have questioned the Russians on the phone: whether to speak about the objectivity of this method. Meanwhile, sad news about the reduction, the leave at their own expense, the introduction of idle time at the enterprises with the pay cut almost daily to share relatives, friends, friends of friends. No doubt remains: Russians fear to remain without work and means of livelihood, and many have had to experience this horror.

“We were threatened by lawyers,”

Victor (name changed) worked in the IT Department of a hotel holding in Moscow. The holding includes seven luxury hotels in the city centre. In short, the organization solid. But our interlocutor and his colleagues from dismissal is not saved.

that’s what I told Victor: “From the beginning of quarantine, we went on a forced vacation. In mid-April, I called the IT Director and proposed three options for further employment relationship with the employer.

the First is to take a vacation for another three months. The second introduction is idle when receive two thirds of salary. Third — reducing by agreement of the parties.

I did not hurry with the answer. All three options did not suit me. Later, he called again started to push. I contacted the personnel Department, tried to negotiate through them. Sold on the fact that I was paid vacation pay, salary for April and another salary. The money still and I shall live.

I Know that some of the staff wrote a statement on vacation at his own expense. They were forced to. Someone requested more than one salary. But they were threatened with lawyers. Something given — that’s good. Heard that the owner of the holding does not want to Finance the hotel. Seems to be they will buy th��Bank.”

Layoffs announced during the weekend the President illegally — explains the lawyer of lawyer office “Borodin and partners” Tatyana Putilin.

“In the period until April 30, and now until may 11, employers may not fire an employee if he is sick or on vacation. Even in the absence during a pandemic profits from the company.

the Labor code provides several options for the dismissal that are available to employers during the weekend. Company can ask employee to write a resignation “at own will” (article 80 of the LC). In this case you should refuse, to negotiate. If the dismissal is inevitable, insist on the dismissal through “reduction” (paragraph 2 of article 81 TK the Russian Federation) or “by agreement of the parties” (article 78 TK the Russian Federation). In these cases, you must pay severance pay,” — said the lawyer.

And what about those who are employers openly threaten or pressured to make a decision not in favor of the employee? For example, violation of labour rights is the proposal to write a statement on vacation at his own expense, as he did to the Victor’s co-workers. Lawyers in such cases it is recommended to go to the labor Inspectorate.

As it turned out, it’s easy to complain about the employer online. On the portal “Onlinespecial.of the Russian Federation” provides a service “Coronavirus: a hot line” where you can leave a statement about the violation of labour rights, to the online consultation.

“Contact via digital channels to labor inspection, Federal tax service, Prosecutor’s office and in court with the claim about recognition of dismissal illegal (not later than one month after dismissal). The inspectors initiate the inspection on the fact of application will reveal infringements, will issue a writ about their elimination, may also impose on the company-the violator an administrative fine. If the court finds the termination of the employment contract unlawful, the employee will be reinstated, and the employer will have to pay average earnings for all time of forced absence, moral damages and reimbursement of legal costs”, — explained Tatiana Putilin.

“the Head conveyed the regret and dismissed”

Ales was working in the Moscow advertising Agency. Since the end of March the authorities fired 48 people, the girl was among them.

She shared her story: “our company halved the number of active clients went down three times income, the layoffs started.

the Leader gave regret and I just got fired. However, paid three salaries. It’s still good! Friends in other offices and this was not offered. I started to look for work, but no offers, despite my seven years of work experience. While living on the salaries paid, but I need to pay rent and repay loans.

I know that there are atsobia unemployment. But I’ve heard too many stories about what to make them almost impossible. Decided not even to try.”

But the state suggested that “attractive” terms for unemployment benefits. According to the decision of the government dismissed after March 1, the Russians can get the benefit of maximum size — 12 130 rubles, as is minimum wage. However, be paid such allowance will be only for April and may. To obtain need to register with the state employment service. The applicant immediately kills two birds with one stone: applying for benefits and leave summary at the labor exchange, that is, he will find a job. To assign a grant must within 11 days.

Go through the procedure online under the simplified scheme on the portal “Work in Russia”. In the application form will require you to provide personal information, data about the company and the number of the order of dismissal. Attach the scan copies of employment records, income certificate is not necessary — the employment service itself will request information from the FIU. You can refer to the employment center, where you can request additional documents.

to Execute anti-crisis unemployment the size of the minimum wage has tried Ivan from Nizhny Novgorod, but was refused. “I got a job at the beginning of February 2020. In early April I was asked to resign in connection with the pandemic. That is, this is where I worked for two months.

In the center of employment refused to pay 12 130 rubles, arguing that I long enough worked. Anything not explained in detail. Looks like a state fooled again. Promised maximum benefits to all dismissed in the crisis, but in fact give nothing”.

As it turned out, crisis benefit do not put all. On the portal “Work in Russia” are all painted in detail. In particular, the maximum allowance do not qualify those who have worked less than 26 weeks in the year, preceding the registration with the employment service. Our hero, Ivan was one of them.

Also “fly” the self-employed and self-employed. These statuses are, in principle, not qualify for unemployment benefits. To get them, you need to close IE and withdraw from the payer of the tax on professional income. But even in this case, assign the minimum unemployment benefit is 1500 rubles. To pay can add the regional rate. Conditions in all regions are different, you need to contact the employment center.

Natalia from Tula region had to shut down the PI at the end of March: there were no buyers, rent to pay was not for that: “I Went to the employment center for aid. As it turned out, I should be the minimum allowance of 1,500 roubles. I have more than 20 years had UN, paid taxes and social benefits are not great��and. Yip — the most unprotected activity! Very disappointing”.

it’s a Shame, but according to the law. The portal clearly States: “the Allowance in the minimum amount will be assigned if you are a long time not working, looking for work for the first time, ceased self-employment (as our heroine Natalia I. D.), dismissed for misconduct or other wrongful acts”.

Networking against coronavirus

it Seems that the true figures on how many Russians lost their jobs in the crisis state we do not know. But one thing is clear: the army of unemployed is growing, although the authorities prefer not to notice it. When the economy begins to recover, millions of people will have to find a new job or open a business.

Expert in networking Alexey Babushkin believes that it will help the old rule: “No hundred roubles, and have hundred friends”. According to the analytical center NAFI, 54% of Russians are looking for work through friends. “During the crisis, this value could rise further. In hard times people tend to seek help and support from people close to them whom they know and trust”, he added.

the judge gave five tips on how to find a job quickly quarantined.

Strengthen business relationships. Call old friends, classmates, fellow students. Stay in touch with former colleagues and superiors.

Look for new friends online. In the business community in social networks, participate in online training sessions, use of video conferencing. Set each contact is a potential chance to find a new job or to join an interesting project.

the Report widely and publicly about his dismissal. Down with pride! Publish on social media post that you were without work and willing to consider new proposals. Former employer it is better not to scold.

you should Update your resume. Send it to the addresses of the companies where want to work on and post on the recruiting sites.

Continue to improve. The Chinese word for “crisis” is denoted by the hieroglyphs signifying “danger” and “opportunity”. Opportunities at the quarantine ground: though the English do, though knitting, though carpentry study.