The best feeling of the day: The Moment when we take off in the evening, our underwire bra and finally breathe again or? Honestly, we remember only dark on the evening of liberation, because for the last few seasons, it no longer seems at all important in the Morning a bra. Emily Ratajkowski (27), for example, has just launched a lingerie line out, not even a bra occurs.

Today we are running so cheerful with comfortable Bralettes through the day or to wear under the current, thick jumpers, nothing. Doesn’t have to be, the two day-to-day constrict. Or an underwire bra does not fulfil a certain purpose? We will have someone in touch who needs to know: Graziana Calvano is the Deputy sales Manager of the lingerie Department out of the Jelmoli and has taken our issues around the bra to the breast.

Yes, this is a development we feel in our house very clearly. Especially young customers now like to bügellos. The models are very chic, a triangle bra, for example, can look great and is very comfortable.

Unfortunately, no. They are especially suitable for women with little bust size. A well-fitting model works up to Cup size 75D. Everything about it, simply needs more support for a wireless bra can offer. On the duration of the waiver pain can cause the connective tissue to unnecessary stress. In addition, the portability of the new Soft Bras from the nature of their own necklines. Everything is still tight and crisp, this is a Bralette is not a Problem. The force of gravity has left its traces, we recommend a good Look in a underwire bra.

not at All. Choose a bra that fits perfectly, don’t you feel the strap on the body. You go around the chest. So it goes, it needs of course a good advice that looks exactly what Cup and what the customer requires. If the underwire pinches in the body, or after the pressure leaves, is to be assessed as a single Person in the cabin is hard to come by.

our breast is Strained, especially during the day, when we run or do sports. Here, it is important to put on a good sports bra with plenty of support. At night, I would advise against the bra. There are special sleeping Bras that prevent particularly in the case of a lot of top wide that the skin on the décolleté pushes together, and so forms wrinkles – a commercially available model with the iron it needs. It serves no purpose: As we lie in bed, and also makes the gravity a break.

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