President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko stated today at the meeting in Minsk that will be in contact with the President of Russia Vladimir Putin due to the alarming situation in the country.

It is reported BelTA.

“in fact, the scenario unfolds aggression against Belarus. It is necessary to contact with Putin, President of Russia, so I could talk to him now. Because this is a threat not only to Belarus,” Lukashenka said.

He noted that “some Russians” do not understand the essence of what is happening.

“Protection for Belarus now is not less than the protection of all of our space, the Union state, and an example to others. If Belarusians will not stand, roll this wave there. So for us clung so”, – said the President.

According to him, those who wander the streets, do not understand this, in contrast to focal points of unrest, which work professionally and publish in the Network staged shots and fakes.

Lukashenko, in particular, denied that he had in Moscow, there are personal house that he had left the country or ill. These rumors, in his opinion, spread “to the people to create this petty mood.”

“will Not work. We shouldn’t allow it”, – said the President-elect, adding that it will not be able to sleep “through peaceful rallies and demonstrations”, arranged for manuals color revolutions.

Earlier, the “Rambler” reported that, according to the scientist, Belarus must join either to Russia or to Poland.