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Bufetat usually receive between eight and ten requests every week from people who can think themselves to be foster families.

The last few weeks has completely stopped.

regional director of Bufetat, Pål Christian Bergstrøm.

Photo: Ørjan Hansen/NRK

We received no inquiries about becoming a foster home last week. I can’t remember has happened before.

It says a very concerned regional director of Bufetat region nord, Pål Christian Bergstrøm.

He calls it a very special situation. Across the country brands Bufetat the same tendency.

Bufetat region nord recruit foster homes which are communicated to the municipalities in Northern Norway. But even if the pandemic is in its early stages, see Bergstrøm already an unpleasant development when they try to obtain the new home to the children and young people who need it.

at the same time, there are more children and young people who are struggling.

More calling as

Barneombud Inga Bejer Engh has previously said that she is concerned about an increase in various forms of neglect, violence and abuse, and particularly when both the schools and kindergartens are closed.

the Ombudsman has, therefore, extended the operating hours of the kontakttelefonen their information on the web page say about how children can make contact.

As for children and young people experience far more in contact now, compared with before koronautbruddet.

the Organization save the Children fear that adults will not discover that children are exposed to neglect when they do not go to school and in the nursery.

If they are experiencing neglect, it can in most extreme consequence, mean that the child moved to a foster home.

We are in an early phase of the pandemic, but nevertheless, we see a very discouraging development in the effort to recruit enough, ” says Bergstrøm.

Over a million children must stay at home these days because of the koronaviruset. But not everyone has it as good. Statistics shows that one out of five children experience violence in the home.

Illustration: Cecilie Berntsen Jåsund/NRK Need 1000 foster homes

When people report that they can think up to be foster homes, it usually takes about half a year before they are ready to receive a foster child.

today, there are approximately 11.000 children in foster care in Norway. 1200 of them are in the North of Norway.

Here, there is a need for 150 new homes in the year now, says Bufetat. Throughout the country, there is annually a need for 1,000 new foster homes.

Bergstrøm believes there is a degree of uncertainty in their own lives as do people now refuse.

– Thought of assume responsibility for a foster child is experienced perhaps especially difficult now. But the need for foster care does not disappear even if the society is in a state of emergency. On the contrary, it is likely that the need increases.

Bufetat region east says the tendency is not as severe as in the north, but that there has been a steady decline in 2019. The western Region and the south have not noticed a corresponding decline as in the north, but says that here, too, is concerned that the recruitment will now stop. The same applies for Bufetat region mid-Norway.

Bufetat therefore encourage anyone who has previously been a avlastningshjem, beredskapshjem or foster homes to make contact. He also ask existing foster families to consider providing security to a to.

Anyone who has wondered if this is something for them, is strongly encouraged to take contact with Bufetat.

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