If one and another should have been in doubt that humanity is in the same boat – regardless of where we live and what we believe in – so it must be gone now.

a few months ago was Covid-19 discovered in China, a few weeks ago became the first briton infected and now is Denmark closed down.

Thursday, it took the Parliament during the 14 hours to achieve 100% agreement to suspend assembly, one of the basic law, core freedoms, in an attempt to delay the spread of infection. Wise, but also quite wild.

Had you been playing with the similar idea 15 years ago, when the world finally feared a worldwide pandemic, was the security shot down. But at this time it was thankfully by the terror, so procurement of 10.5 million. Tamiflu tablets and some high-profile meetings on a common nordic vaccine production, which never came to anything, could restore the calm; this time it’s serious.

How wonderful it is to live in a country where political parties move together, when it really applies, and where the authorities and the prime minister speak the same language. I was american, I would good enough be confused by a president, who a short time ago thought that it either was the Later invention or that the problems in the least, quite miraculously would disappear to april, while the CDC director Nancy Messonier –
the americans ‘ response to the Health Søren Brostrøm – from the start, took the matter seriously.

Regardless of whether you put America or Denmark first, then hang the world together. Globalisation value chains has woven us all into a skæbnesfællesskab. Maybe you’re a single at a rødternet dew behind a ligusterhæk and think ”free me”, we had just had enough of us – so was the ”the who” been in China.

And, yes, it’d be great, but think right after. Globalisation has been a gigantic success. When I was born, lived six out of 10 people in the world in extreme poverty, now it is only one out of 10. The average age was 50 years, now is the 70. And it is due to one thing: the International division of labor, global trade and economic growth.

Everything has its price. And right now, we pay a price for that the world has become smaller. But do not forget, that exactly it has done to both richer and the World a better place. And believe me: humanity survives.

On the other side of the epidemic, we must put full steam under the boilers again. At the time of writing is 5.838 died of Covid-19 in the entire world. Without economic growth, tenfold more to die in poverty.

I know that I’m a few weeks ahead of the news flow, which right now has a focus on reducing the damage with extended kredittider and intricate arrangements. With Saturday’s closure of the borders,
Denmark has chosen a more restrictive behaviour than almost all other countries in the world, and also far more than our Swedish neighbours.

It may great health be wise, but it increases the risk of an economic downturn significantly.

When we are on the other side of the epidemic, do we seriously need a stimulus package that can kick-start the economy again. When the map and the terrain do not match, follow the terrain, so the campaign atmosphere big promises of velfærdsløft should be toned down for the benefit of the initiatives, which can pull us clear of a looming recession and restore economic optimism and the constraints on investment in business.

Take restaurants as an example. They were hit first and hard by the Coronavirus-crisis, and can not just run the lost check. Why not increase their future revenue by providing full deduction of corporate costs to the institutions? Fully in line with countries such as Germany, Norway and Sweden.

Take entrepreneurs and small – and medium-sized enterprises, how many will be put back, as another example. Why not make their lives and access to capital facilitated by the f.ex. to ease the kapitalbeskatningen, improve the opportunities for employee share ownership and provide an opportunity to place privatadministrerede pension funds in their own business?

So we have some terms that match other comparable countries.

No one could have predicted a global pandemic, as responsible politicians must keep their hands to their ears, if someone yells backtracking if – when (I hope) – government and parliament changes the focus from public to private
growth. It will be a much bigger failure, if you do not use the financial room for manoeuvre to kick-start the economy, once we get the hang of Covid-19. And believe me, we do get.