a Russia should not look crazy, defending their interests in the international arena, — said the head of state Vladimir Putin. However, he acknowledged that the confrontation between the two countries in defending their economic interests will continue, and Russia has to participate.

Russia conducts dialogues with other countries in an extremely respectful tone, defending their interests without hysteria and anguish — said the head of state Vladimir Putin.

During an interview to the program “Moscow. The Kremlin. Putin” TV channel “Russia 1” the Russian President explained that to do otherwise would look negatively.

“I do not believe that protecting their interests, we must look like some idiots like crazy, which came across razor and they run to her and waving. Yes, and all indigestible diarrhea different expressions,” said Putin.

However, he acknowledged that the confrontation between the two countries in defending their economic interests will continue, and Russia has to participate in it.

The tact of the Russian authorities in their conversations with international partners, Putin stressed in recent history with hanging LGBT flags on the embassies of the US and the UK in Moscow.

“They thing there about someone who works there. But not terrible. We have said many times on this matter, and our position is clear — Russia was not, and never will be no restrictions on religious and national, as well as the rights of sexual minorities”, — said the head of the Russian state.

with regard to international practices and respectful dialogue, it will be recalled that late last month it became known that the President of the United States Donald trump on the phone regularly “bullied and humiliated” the leaders of the States among key allies of Washington.

According to sources of CNN among current and former us officials and other countries, head of the White house particularly harshly attacked the German Chancellor Angela Merkel and former Prime Minister of great Britain Teresa may.

During secret talks with the head of the German Cabinet, according to sources, trump has called Merkel “foolish” and said that she is allegedly under the influence of Russia. The speech of the President of the United States was “almost sadistic”, said the TV channel.

“The greatest rigidity of the he shows to those who look like wimps, and it is the weakest with those with whom it needs to be tough,” added one of the sources.

This behavior trump allegedly used in conversations with Mei while she was head of the British government. In particular, the US President called her “spineless fool” because of her approach to Brexit and immigration problems.

If Merkel when it endured attacks trump, the Mei has become��camping “excited and nervous” during interviews with the American leader. CNN sources indicate that the President of the United States clearly tried to intimidate the British Prime Minister, but for what purpose it is impossible to say.

However, got it from trump, not only the leaders of Germany and Britain, but the head of the France Emmanuel Macron, Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau and his Australian counterpart Scott Morrison.

Of the trio the most attention to the sources of the TV channel pay to the conversations of the President of the United States with his French counterpart, who himself initiated a large part of the conversation.

At the same time, the stiffness of the President of the United States and key allies does not affect the negotiations with the leaders of other countries. Especially CNN focuses on conversations trump with Putin and Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

According to sources the channel, they are often “outplayed” his colleague, which made a number of American officials to count the U.S. President a threat to national security.

In particular, trump allegedly did not prepare for the phone talks with Putin and generally trying to make his colleague a good impression, however, by the critics of the former presidents of the United States.

“In his conversations with Putin, the President spoke mostly about himself, often in excessive, self-deprecating terms: touting their “unprecedented” success in building the U.S. economy; claiming derisive language, how he is smarter and “stronger” than “feeble-minded” and “weaklings” who were before him”, — tells one of sources.

Overall, a preoccupation with trump on themselves and their own interests can be traced in talks with all world leaders stressed to CNN about his wealth and success, he even told the North Korean leader, Kim Jong Ynu, again reinforcing these words with criticism of his predecessors.