your Love, currently, the absolute is a state of emergency for all of the families in Germany. And we have to admit that Even with three children we come to our limits.

How to make so that families have easy to care for, again, more than twice as many children? You know the Kehmeiers from our Update with the extended family or of our Interview, as if it were “only” six children, or the good news that the seventh Baby is on the way. Now, we have asked Papa Sven Kehmeier time, as you to wuppen the just without a school and a kindergarten all together.

your Love, week one with your seven children without a school and nursery by: what is your conclusion? What went well, what didn’t work so?

It was very unusual, and even exhausting. We have tried to offer the children a structured daily routine.

Every evening, we discuss with all the children, the daily schedule for the next day. Until now it works quite well… I’m looking forward to the next few weeks!

We came with three kids and all their school tasks (to Divide it by each subject teacher individual job mails) to the edge of our forces, how are you doing that? And there is also room for tantrums of individual children?!

The approach to school tasks, each child is different. The primary school kids got to get tasks for processing. In irregular intervals we are provided with tasks via Email.

The all-day school in a cloud system, students can communicate with teachers. The Gymnasium of our Great with no tasks. You should independently learn words and, in this particular Situation, more at home to bring in.

of Course, it is not easy to be the whole day with 7 children at home. But we have the great fortune that every child has their own room. When the weather is nice, you can also play in the garden. So everyone has his retreat.

We will make every day a day plan

How to grade your “everyday life”?

We try to the children as the structured everyday life to maintain. Before this turn.

We make each day create a daily schedule. Similar to a lesson plan. And as long as we can, we go quite a lot into the adjacent Moor and in the woods… and a Netflix trial I have now.

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wuppt How the economy Works is probably thinking degree… and what is alone, my three eat here in the last days of the madness, I come with the shopping after, plus rent and other running costs, so you’re nine Yes, also content dependent.

we have Economically, fortunately, no major drawbacks. I’m until September in time Parents and get the parents money.

Now, you have by the rationing in the supermarkets (in many shelves very now, Yes, “Only two products per household”) problems, at all enough shopping. How do you solve that?

This is in fact a big Problem. When we stand with a full shopping cart at the checkout, get some looks and comments. We have to explain often that we are 9 persons and of purchase for a maximum of two days. This is very exhausting.

We are still close together

photos and text Fullgrain and you always very much in love act. This is your secret recipe to come with your Seven as well through the day or do you have any other secret recipes?

A secret recipe, we don’t have. Here, it is very often turbulent. Of course, we also have quarrels and the volume is usually higher than in smaller families.

fortunately, we have a great grandma that can look after all 7 children (in normal times). So we have time to breathe, and can go to the Sauna or eat.

there Is – at last – something Positive that you can of the crisis to gain?

A positive effect, of course, is that it puts together as a family even closer. And In times of crisis, you realize which friends are real friends!!!

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