Christina Aguilera with boyfriend Matthew Zatleram and daughter summer

a Little over a week ago, 39-year-old Christina Aguilera told his followers that is sent along with her boyfriend Matthew Zatleram and two children to travel to their family’s silver trailer. Apparently, recently the pop diva returned from a trip and immediately decided to share emotions with the followers on instagram.

a Few hours ago Aguilera have released a short video, made from photos and videos taken during the trip. They are seen as Christina, Matthew, 12-year-old Max and five-year summer have fun in the mountains: walk the lakes and waterfalls, ride a horse, sunbathe and ride buggy.

Those who deserve it,

— signed video Christina, accompanied by his smiley sweetheart.

Matthew Rutler and Christina Aguilera with children Christina Aguilera daughter summer

During a family trip Aguilera and Rutler also managed to arrange a romantic date. Lovers along with wine and snack located on a rock right on the cliff of the mountain, which opened a gorgeous view of the ocean, and some of the children captured the moment on camera.

the end of the world and the view is just incredible,

— commented on a series of images with her boyfriend Aguilera.

Matthew Rutler and Christina Aguilera

Quarantine Kristina with family spent at his family mansion in Los Angeles. Aguilera helped son to finish the school year in remote mode, and not so long ago admitted that he is proud of the achievements of the boy.

Recall that Max born in the previous marriage with the singer Jordan Brahmanam. In 2010, Aguilera is Dating Matthew Ratlam. In 2014 they had a daughter summer, and in the same year they announced their engagement, but have not had time to get married.