Today watch designed for walking on the sea or dive into the deep ocean, much more often worn by men in shirt and jacket than those who participate in regattas. But, despite the fact that the water in a standard 30 m has become common even in hours for an evening dress-code, or with serious complications and about the fragility and flowability more can not speak, the market is full of hours designed for nautical adventures. Well, let them occur more often on the beach and in conjunction with dark blue jacket, than on the three-meter waves and windproof jacket — the Association with the sea works well in both cases.Beach fashion is maximally benevolent to the color scheme, so in recent years there are more hours that can be attributed to a particular category of non-ferrous and yacht. A typical representative is a Rolex Submariner with a green dial and ceramic inserts in the bezel, the history of which began in 1953. Despite the fact that the color green is closely associated with Rolex, it also actively used in TAG Heuer, for example models range. Green retreatcenter have Oris in hours Sixty-Five Diver — by default, they attached a strap of denim, before going to the beach is still better replaced by steel.Even monochrome watches such as Omega ETNZ Ocean of Deep Black, developed by a couple of years ago for the new Zealand team participating in the regatta America’s Cup, got the colored version in blue and red colors, the colors of the national flag of New Zealand. Next, the 36th race will take place in 2021, but the watch can be worn now — in may, Omega became the official timeperod America’s Cup and to the Declaration of cooperation coincided with the release of a special series of watches with the inscription on the dial and carved the logo of the race on the second hand. For those who prefer the all-blue watch is the Omega Seamaster Aqua Terra Worldtimer with 24 time zones.Some models in blue hues is geo-referenced to a specific resort. For example, vacationers to Capri have the opportunity to purchase in the boutique Hublot model Classic Fusion Capri with turquoise bezel, additional counters and a strap that, like the sticker on the Luggage in the good old days, say without words that their owner been to Capri.In a situation when there is no certainty on which of the resorts you can go, it’s good to have the opportunity to purchase colorful watches. Perhaps this is why Breitling Superocean Rainbow, released in April, has become for collectors to hunt. The demand was so great that at the end of may, the brand has announced the release of the second limited edition 1 thousand copies, the profits from the sale of which will go to support health initiatives.