the Ships of the Baltic fleet, carried out a monitoring exercise of the forces of NATO “Baltops-2020”, returned to the main naval base Baltiysk of the Kaliningrad region.

As reported in Department of information support a press-services ZVO on the Baltic fleet in the sea polygons of the fleet, the crews performed a complex combat training missions. Tested the willingness to conduct anti-submarine warfare and air defence. Minesweepers and small anti-submarine ships have fulfilled the task of the protection and defense of the water district.

Naval strike group worked a missile blows on groups of ships imaginary enemy in conjunction with the naval aviation fleet. Small missile ships – the carriers of the “Caliber” has made the launches of “enemy” objects in the heart of the continent.

the crews of the ships held a range of training on anti-sabotage defense during stops on unprotected RAID. In the destruction of targets with air-trained and bomber pilots. In mock battles in this period involved about 20 aircraft and helicopters of naval aviation of the Baltic fleet.

Exercises of the naval forces of NATO “Baltops-2020” took place in the Baltic sea, off the coast of Denmark and Germany, until 16 June. They involved 17 member States of NATO and two partner countries were involved in about 30 warships, 30 aircraft and helicopters, about three thousand troops.