Dozens of police and firefighters were attacked while attempting to break up an illegal street rave, bonfire and fireworks display on Guy Fawkes night in Scotland.

There were widespread reports of bottles and other missiles being thrown at the first responders as they attempted to break up the celebrations in Greenock near Glasgow on Thursday night.

Nobody does Halloween like Greenock

Video uploaded to social media shows a DJ serenading the baying crowd with dance music amid the din of fireworks in the background.

What a nyt. Guy Fawkes must be so envious. 😂😂😂

A parish priest from St Andrew’s Church attempted to disperse the crowd but was advised by police to shelter in the chapel for his own safety. In a statement, the church claimed many revelers were using its wall as a toilet, while alleging that first responders had been pelted with missiles, including bottles. 

Chief Officer of the Scottish Fire and Rescue Service Martin Blunden claimed there were at least 13 such attacks on firefighters on Thursday, with one vehicle damaged to such an extent that it is no longer operational. 

Overall, he said that his fire crews received some 1,193 calls covering 1,001 incidents, including 511 bonfires. 

Many took to Twitter to thank Blunden and his fire crews for their tireless efforts, while describing Thursday evening’s festivities as “hellish.” Others called such antisocial behavior “unacceptable” and “absolutely despicable,” and called for the “full force of the law” to be brought down upon those responsible – a sentiment with which many agreed.

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