Following a huge pro-Trump rally in Washington DC, lone activists heading away were seen attacked, harassed, pelted with fireworks and doused with unknown liquids, as police seemed incapable to respond to numerous ugly incidents.

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The Saturday’s event, dubbed the #MillionMAGAMarch and attended by thousands of people, passed relatively peacefully, only marred by sporadic scuffles between right-wing Proud Boys and leftist Antifa that were swiftly quelled by DC police.

Antifa and BLM members attack people who are eating dinner near BLM Plaza. They threw projectiles and a large firework.

However, later in the day as the pro-Trump event winded down and MAGA supporters started to disperse, the ‘counter-protesters’ turned increasingly violent, and were seen chasing, attacking and harassing lone activists as police apparently struggled to respond to multiple incidents happening all at once.

Antifa black bloc in DC beat a man on the head using a stolen flag as a stick. They’re still roaming the streets tonight in packs looking for Trump supporters. Video by @livesmattershow:

Several videos shared online show black-clad mob throwing projectiles and shooting fireworks at Trump supporters eating at restaurants in downtown DC.

Masked individual wearing a “Press” label lights MAGA gear on fire in Freedom Plaza.

Another group of ‘peaceful’ counter-protesters allegedly ransacked a stand with MAGA merchandise and were seen torching a pile of hats and flags in the vicinity of the so-called BLM Plaza.

a #Trump supporter is chased out of the plaza after being hit by multiple water bottles. I also noticed multiple journalists/photographers cursing at him

Several other videos showed conservative activists trying to walk away as mobs follow them, intimidating and dousing Trump supporters with unknown liquids.

DC: BLM and Antifa threaten and intimidate an elderly Trump Supporter out of BLM Plaza Unknown liquids can be seen being thrown on the elderly man, also attempts to hit him with an American flag

While police were present in the streets in big numbers, witnesses decried their slow response to the volatile situation.

Alas! The “unity” Democrats promised is here:

One of the Trump supporters was brutally knocked down from behind and repeatedly kicked while lying on the asphalt – but in that case at least police reportedly arrested the perpetrators.

BREAKING – Multiple Trump supporters assaulted by pro-BLM supporters in Washington D.C. One of the supporters assaulted was brutally knocked out. The scene is chaotic right now

White woman wearing BLM shirt attacking a black woman and her daughter who support Trump

Besides larger groups harassing individuals, there were also clashes between more equal opponents.

Open violence, projectiles being thrown, batons and sticks being used in a full melee down here.

Following their clashes earlier in the day, an “all out brawl” between Proud Boys and Antifa was reported, with the opposing sides using shields, sticks and batons in a “full melee” in the streets of DC on Saturday evening.

Moments Ago: Antifa & Proud Boys CLASH in DC

Police are out all over the place in DC tonight (seen here in front of the St. Regis).Still, a LOT of violence on the streets this evening.

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