While reporting from outside the White House, where clashes with Secret Service occurred overnight, Fox News’ Leland Vittert was shouted down by a handful of protesters who eventually overwhelmed the live coverage.

Video of the coverage shows Vittert trying to tell Fox News hosts what was happening at the time in the vicinity of the White House, but his words became inaudible due to the group of loud protesters.

Vittert further reported that Secret Service lines were broken by rioters who were eventually pushed back. He estimated that about 200 protesters and 100 Secret Service agents were taking part in the clashes.

A mob of lunatics swarm @LelandVittert outside of the White House. He’s doing an amazing job tonight for FOX News. Stay safe!

The White House was briefly put on lockdown Friday night as protests escalated across the country, with people venting anger over the death of George Floyd, an unarmed black man who died at police hands in Minneapolis.

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