Scores of demonstrators were arrested after eco-activists with Extinction Rebellion staged marches in several UK cities, soon after the group vowed to “peacefully disrupt” parliament until MPs back an “emergency” climate bill.

A sizable crowd of protesters calling for “climate justice” descended on London and Manchester on Tuesday, seen carrying a bright array of signs and placards, while in some areas marching bands joined the procession.

Extinction Rebellion marching through the centre of Manchester because #WeWantToLive and need #ClimateJustice in order to do so.

Six rebels locked on to each other in the ground, surrounded by around 50 police. Here come the samba bands, to share the solidarity, share the joy and share the love in the rebellion.

Despite a festive atmosphere, however, London’s Metropolitan police said it had made some 90 arrests by 6pm local time, including for “breaching public order conditions, obstructing the highway, obstructing police and assault on an emergency worker.” Some of the arrests, including of 92-year-old Hastings resident John Lynes, were captured in footage that circulated on social media.

This is John Lynes, aged 92, from #Hastings being arrested in #ParliamentSquare at #ExtinctionRebellion protest, just for daring to care about our future. This is a #ClimateEmergency and #WeWantToLive Join us #ChangeIsNow Video: Wiiliam Watson

The police are not messing around arresting extinction rebellion protesters very quickly unlike the previous years ….

The crowd in London was met by a police skirmish line at one point in the march, with officers in bright-yellow coats barring their way, while in other areas demonstrators attempted to lock limbs for a sit-in style protest.

Another colossal waste of @metpoliceuk’s time and resources looking after lots of people who have the great luxury of clearly not needing to be at work, whilst they prevent others from getting to work

Look at these planks lying in the road on Parliament Square for Extinction Rebellion pretending to be super glued together!

Extinction Rebellion, known for its theatrical acts of civil disobedience, has called for 10 days of protests in order to “peacefully disrupt the UK Parliament in London” until lawmakers support the ‘Climate and Ecological Emergency Bill.’ The group says the law would force the government to “[account] for our entire carbon footprint while actively conserving nature here and overseas.”

So proud of the XR Scientists community out on the streets right now with the XR Lawyers community. If you’ve not heard about the Climate and Ecological Emergency Bill, please read this ASAP and please lend your support. #CEEBill

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