had sought storks, Four young since mid-March, according to a nesting site in Wasungen, informed the environmental Association on Tuesday. Ironically, on a still active vent, they wanted to build. Before Easter, a Nisthilfe of metal had then been hastily erected on the former nursery, which had been completed on Holy Thursday. “Already 10 minutes after the crane was moved away, has taken the art nest from the first stork in the eye and found it to be good,” said Thomas Wey by the FEDERAL government. “Since then, the Couple has dedicated himself to the breeding business.” According to Manufacturers of a stork couple is already for 12 years, the year of the vent of a Laundry builds its Nest and Young in the gloamin’. In this year, for the first time arrived the Young storks, the age of the expert is estimated at two to three years, lives in the village now has two breeding pairs. The other two young storks were still on the search for a suitable nesting site. Storks lay Wey, according to every one to two days of an Egg. After the deposition of the last egg until the Hatching of the young for about four weeks.