Ukrainian and Russian journalist, publicist and political consultant Anatoly Wasserman in an interview with Federal news Agency said Russian authorities plan to solve the water problem in the Crimea. According to him, the water on the Peninsula will be supplied from the river Kuban along the Black sea bottom water line.

“I have heard information that in the near future to launch the project of water pipeline under the Black sea, which will carry the water to the Crimea from the mouth of the Kuban river. The pipe is made from synthetic film, but they have pretty anything prigruzit so they don’t pop up, because that fills their fresh water salt easier. This should be taken into account in order not to impede Maritime shipping in the region,” said Wasserman.

He believes that the Ukrainian authorities cutting off the water communication, will not be able to return to the Peninsula in the country. “Kiev may not delude yourself with false hopes. Moreover, even when the Ukraine finally reunited with the Russian Federation, and it is the only painless way out of all its internal contradictions, Crimea will still remain an integral part of Russia itself,” — said Wasserman.

the Analyst added that after the introduction of the conduit in operation “Kiev terrorists” have only to regret that outplayed them in this matter.