Although the clothes is also at a low temperature to clean, it does not the machine. Therefore, the device needs to be cleaned, once in a while – and on a regular basis.

in order for you To bring your machine back to the Shine it needs, but not necessarily dry washing machine cleaner – many home remedies do a good Job.

Why the washing machine to clean?

Usually the water in the drum after the washing, in the rinse tray, the rubber seals and hoses back. Otherwise it comes to soiling of the washing machine. As pet hair, lint or any residue from the detergent in the lint filter remain about the hang. All of this can lead to unsightly germ and mold growth, which can lead to strong, unpleasant odors that can be transferred subsequently in the washed clothes.

If you want to prevent this stench, you can use a simple Trick to make: Leave open after each wash, leave the door and detergent drawer for a long time a crack. So air can enter and the rest of the water to escape.

home remedies for cleaning the machine

In the trade it is to buy separate washing machine cleaner. You do not need to use mandatory such chemistry skidding, but also can resort to simple home remedies. These are then added to the empty wash of beige. Such cleaning should be three to four times a year, because even though the washing machine from the outside may appear clean, collect in the small angles, a lot of germs and bacteria.

dishwasher tablets as well as dishwasher tabs your dishes clean, and to make the Interior of your washing machine back on track. Just a Tab in the empty drum and at 95 degrees with an empty wash cycle to perform. Bacteria and lime will have no Chance. the citric acid: citric acid is available in any drugstore available and serves as a natural cleaner and lime remover. Just five to eight tablespoons in the drum and the washing machine at 95 degrees, let it run. No Laundry in the machine. the baking powder: you can Also use baking powder ensures that limescale and dirt are removed. With a little bit of water the powder should be mixed to a Paste, which is then added either directly into the drum or into the detergent compartment. An empty wash at 95 degrees then helps to remove all of the bacteria. the vinegar or baking soda: In the case of these natural helpers is a washing enough gear at 60 degrees. As with all remedies, it should also be no Laundry in the drum. You need 50 grams of bicarbonate of soda, or 50 milliliters of vinegar for the wash cycle. This is still part of Cleaning the washing machine

The washing machine after the wash cycle is quite easy from the outside can be cleaned. For that, you should wipe with a damp cloth regularly, the Inside of the machine to prevent dust or any residue of detergent stuck.

The lint filter and the rubber seals also need extra cleaning. Here, too, the Wiping with a damp cloth. To strengthen the effect, you should add a little vinegar, so as to mold be ruled out entirely.

These errors make the Clean the Windows

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