it Was not as if something was missing, when queen Margrethe on Tuesday evening delivered his speech to the nation?

the Speech lasted about five minutes. She reminded us to wash our hands, scolded those who can’t figure out how to be within doors, and then there was the end.

It said: “My thoughts go out to every single one here in the country with the desire for hope, solace and good cheer.”

And then no more. The end. Not something with “God preserve Denmark”, as we know from nytårstalen.

It was a part of the social media, who wondered why.

‘Can we just talk about how terrible it is, that the Queen forgot her iconic ‘God save Denmark’,’ writes a user by the name of Niko.

‘The only thing we danes had needed was a ‘God preserve Denmark’, but we did not, so hahaha,’ writes a user by the name of Emma.

A third user by the name of Faisal asks totally conspiratorial:

‘you Must put something in, that Her Majesty has not said ‘God save Denmark?”

Kongehusekspert and associate professor of story at the University of Southern denmark Michael Bregnsbo have also wondered about the lack of afslutningshilsen.

“I thought immediately that it is something she says in nytårstalen as a traditional greeting, more than it is something serious. But it puzzled me too. Perhaps it would seem wrong in this context,” he says to the B. T..

“It may be, she thought, it seemed out of place in the situation. Now she had talked about, that we need to make sure to follow the rules, remember to wash hands and so on. Therefore, we must do something for ourselves. If she said ‘God save Denmark’, it could seem as if you put all in God’s hands. But then, I don’t know whether this is so. One can only speculate about,” he adds.

Michael Bregnsbo stresses that the Queen’s corona-speech was absolutely extraordinary, and therefore there is not any special traditions to lean on in this context.

B. T. have been in contact with the royal family in the hope of becoming wiser on the sharp end. They could not help with an explanation.

Queen Margrethe kept his speech from Fredensborg Castle, where she is staying in the current corona-crisis.

below you can see a number of strange tweets: