Was beaten and forced to eat sepulchral earth: in the southern Urals exposed a sect

In the southern Urals has condemned members of the infamous totalitarian sect “the way of the ancestors”. Three women were convicted of establishing the organization encroaching on the personality and rights of citizens. They received two years of imprisonment in a General regime colony. A victim of pseudoceratina became 43-the summer inhabitant of Korkino. After a few rituals she was diagnosed with a serious mental illness.

This is a known totalitarian sect native to Central Asia and banned in the southern Urals extremist group. For the organization in Korkino it the active cell sentenced three local women. Adherents of the sect are preaching pseudo-religious cult that allegedly engaged in folk healing, the correspondent GTRK “southern Ural”. The victims say that they were forced to do during the ceremonies. For example, they were beaten with whips and forced to eat the pellets with a burial ground.

the activities of the sect revealed the FSB operatives. It turned out that this is not the first verdict to the activists of the sect. They were already condemned for similar crimes, so the court was not limited to a suspended sentence, and sent sectants barbed wire.

it is Worth noting that in 2012, in one of these frightening rituals had a chance to participate reporters. They were filming a story about the emergence of the sect “Horde” in Kizilskoe the area. And conducted the rite at that time, a local paramedic. Already questionable structure interested in prosecution. 2 years later, the court officially recognized “Path of ancestors” extremist organization and banned its activities in the southern Urals.

Text: STRC “South Ural”