Warsaw has intensified a campaign of falsification of history

Polish authorities have stepped up the campaign to falsify history to the eve of the 75 th anniversary of the Soviet Victory in the great Patriotic war. This statement was made by Russian Ambassador to Poland Sergey Andreev. The closer may 9, the campaign of the devaluation of our victory will grow, said the diplomat.

Sunday, 16 February, Russian diplomats commemorated the red army General Ivan Chernyakhovsky, who was killed near Pieniężno during the liberation of Poland in 1945. By 2015 this place was a monument to the General, carried by the Polish authorities in the framework of the “de-communization.”

Andreev drew attention to the fact that the Polish authorities often forget even about the dates of liberation of their cities from the Nazis: 17 January marked 75 years of the liberation of Warsaw, the 18th – Krakow. While official Warsaw forgets that it is thanks to the red army of modern Poland and many other European countries exist on the map.

To the monuments to soldiers-liberators in the country is appropriate. Official authorities perceive them only as a reminder of Soviet dominance in the postwar period and require demolition, even without considering the option of moving to another place. The same fate befell the monument to General Chernyakhovsky. Besides Andreev believes that to endure such monuments from the place where the heroes died, who accomplished the feat meaningless.

on Sunday, Andreev took part in the ceremony of laying of wreaths on the spot where the General Chernyakhovsky was fatally wounded. The event was also attended by military attache of the Russian Embassy Alexander Sitnikov, the delegation of the Kaliningrad region, the Consul General of Russia in Gdansk Victor Kolesnikov, military, representatives of the Polish veterans ‘ and public organizations.