Warmth for long years

Muscovites have forgotten 90 years and have long been used to that heat in the battery is always there when you need it. They are even a little grumble, if it happens too much (for example, at the end of the season). And few people realize what a Titanic work of power engineers, numerous services and engineers is behind this banal utility service.

Just one figure to show that a powerful system by which every day the residents and guests of the capital go to the home and offices without coats and hats. Every year the capital is “eating” 100 000 000 (in words: hundred million) Giga calories of heat. This colossal figure 135 provide heat supply organizations, more than 17 thousand kilometers of thermal networks, 24 pumping stations, more than 20 thousand heating points. Central heating and hot water is served 117 thousand buildings with a total area of 436 million m2. According to statistics, Moscow heat supply system is ranked first in the world for its volume.

the capital is one of the fastest growing cities in the world. The expansion of Moscow 2.4 times by the addition of the Moscow region in 2011-2012. Tina (popularly known as “New Moscow”), added to energy drinks headache — in contrast to Metropolitan networks, as suburban heating mains and equipment left much to be desired. Took years to upgrade them and to pull up to the Moscow level. Of the 67 boiler, put into operation in Moscow in 2013-2018, the vast majority — 53 was built in the Troitsky and Novomoskovsky administrative areas. In the same period, the capital was reconstructed boiler 37, 1.12 thousand km of heating networks and heating points 166.

in short, the work done is huge, but under the new scheme more needs to be done. By 2035, energy and the city plans to build 90 new heat supply sources and to upgrade old 141. Pave or reconstruct 8.4 thousand km of heat networks. To increase the pace of replacement of the old networks no less, but more than quadrupled. And all this is carefully planned given the ongoing renovation, the city development plans.

the Scheme was developed by the JSC “MOSGAZ” by order of the Department of housing in the capital. Experts praised the quality of the document that passed all the necessary approvals and public hearings.

“Moscow has been developing intensively and the high pace of construction I task the leadership of the city to provide heat to existing buildings and promising territories. For example, the program of renovation of changing the heating system somewhere, you may need reconstruction of the pipeline diameter is increased, somewhere to get the source from service or to reconstruct, – says the head of Moscow Fund the renovation of the residential development Sergey Grachev. – All these measures should be calculated in the heating circuit, a feasibility study and tariff implications. These activities in the heating circuit is. In my opinion, the developer of the scheme had done its job”.