In the site we Wanted to share news from the world of beauty that I want to get right now. Today in our wishlist — Mami gadget that promises to replace the salon care and can help you forget about puffiness and dark circles under the eyes, tighten pores, and restore skin elasticity.

the Last time the beauty market appears more and more household gadgets with various functions. Lifting massager Mami from the brand L&L Skin seems can do everything. It has the functions of the integrated effects of microcurrent therapy, hot and cold massage, LED and ionotherapy. Each “session” lasts no more than ten minutes. Will talk about each function separately.

How does ionotherapy?

I’m Sure many have heard about hair dryers with ionization, but for what ions skin? The term “monotherapy” is often used by manufacturers as a marketing move.

In fact, the current small quantities able to penetrate into the pathological focus, restoring the cell membrane and thus normalizing the activity of cells. This is necessary for proper operation of ion channels. Under the influence of microcurrents work aktiviziruyutsya ion channels in the cell begin to enter the ions K+, Na+, Ca2+, Mg2+, oxygen, nutrients. Ions Ca2+ are a catalyst for many enzymatic processes, increase their intracellular concentration activates the processes of metabolism.

How does light therapy?

Under the action of the LED-light recover damaged cell membranes, accelerated cell growth. With age, the healthy cells are not able to be updated normally, this problem is solved by light therapy. The skin absorbs certain wavelengths of light (colors) and uses them as a source of energy to activate specific cellular functions. Light therapy can reproduce these individual wavelengths to “recharge” cells, to activate them faster to restore and rejuvenate.

for Example, blue light is intensively absorbed by the photoreceptors of the skin, porphyrins, which produce oxygen, killing bacteria, thus blue light fights acne.

is it Possible to use the gadget without the cream and the serum?

During the procedure it is advisable to use cosmetics that are right for you: creams, gels, serums or moisturizing mask, for example biocellular, rich in vitamins, amino acids and collagen. They will all be even more effective as the microcurrent massager enhances the penetration of nutrients deeper into the skin. However, you can use the massager without any tools, for example, normal or cool mode.

What is microcurrent therapy and why is it needed?

Microcurrent therapy is safe, enjoyable (contrary to many of St��reotipur) and very effective hardware method of skin exposure. In microcurrent therapy uses currents of low intensity and low frequency. They do not cause contraction of muscle fibers and act at the cellular level (effect at the level of the cell membrane). Under the influence of microcurrents increases the synthesis of proteins and lipids. Microcurrent pulses gently and effectively affect the epidermis, dermis, vasculature, muscle, and create the conditions for the formation of new elastin fibers. Microcurrents have drainage, decongestant, metabolic and lifting effect.

At the cellular level we are constantly occurring electrochemical reactions, which are important for the functioning of the body. Cell membrane if the cell is in good condition, as a rule, is polarized — on the outside, it has a negative charge. And the inside — positive. Thus, a healthy cell interacts with the environment through electrical signals.

If the process of decay, if there is tissue damage inflammation that has been disrupted, deterioration of the cells. Microcurrent, on the contrary, help to bring their condition back to normal. The charge of the cell membrane is restored, accelerates the regeneration, and then the General condition of the skin becomes much better. Microcurrent therapy copes with the swelling, it provides strong lymphatic drainage effect. So, back to the gadget.

a choice of 3 modes: “cold” (Cool) with LED indicator blue light, keep the temperature 6-10 degrees below normal room temperature and is designed to relieve swelling, eliminate dark circles, relieve inflammation, treat acne and tighten pores.

“Hot” mode (Hot) with LED red light indicator. The temperature rises in this mode up to 40 degrees and has a lifting effect, improves circulation and complexion, accelerates the metabolic processes in the skin, relieves muscle tension and promotes better penetration of care into the skin.

Anticipating questions: cosmetologists claim that heating to 45 degrees absolutely harmless to the skin. On the contrary, helps to relax muscles and useful for fabrics. However, for those who have rosacea in some areas, it is advisable to use with heating in these certain areas.

“Normal” mode (Normal) is vibration, microcurrent impulses and ionotherapy. The gadget promises to improve skin turgor, accelerate metabolism and saturate the ionized oxygen.

the massager is compact, it comes with wireless charging. It is waterproof, poet��mu it can be safely washed under running water.

As with any beauty device, have Mami has its contraindications to use. This cancer disease, epilepsy, pregnancy, mental disorders, influenza, SARS and the period of weakening of organism, violation of the integrity of the skin at the treatment site, burns, wounds, melanoma, keratosis, keloid scars, chronic dermatitis and dermatoses, acne with purulent elements, with thyroid disease it is not recommended to use it in the neck area and decollete.

Those who have injections of Botox or fillers, and put masonite, experience is not necessary. These procedures are not a contraindication. Alas, the information about the product in any foreign sites we found, so I decided to contact the manufacturer directly.
the brand Website is in development, working on content and new products. As initially in the line, there were several brands separately under L&L started to develop just this spring. There is a site of one of the Asian distributors. We were the first distributors and the first to introduce new products at the exhibition after the presentation of the brand L&L skin at Cosmoproff in Las Vegas, so long as all of the basic information in Russian, told us the brand.

Price: 17 590 RUB.