In the site we Wanted to share news from the world of beauty that I want to get right now. Today in our wishlist — eau de Parfum Angel Mugler Nova.

a New star is born in the sky Mugler. This fragrance is called Angel Nova, dedicated to the courageous women who embody their dreams into reality. After almost thirty years after the birth of the cult of the “angel” trio of famous perfumers, consisting of Sony constant, Quentin Bichat and Louise Turner, gave it a new meaning.

the Composition is similar to a fruit snack, full of floral, fruity and woody accords. At the first breath can feel the notes just cooked grandma raspberry jam, litchi lends a refreshing, and after a few moments comes into its own damask rose. However, it is not simple, but “fancy” is a special kind obtained through biotechnology method of upcycling. In the database — woody accord with notes of ecosalud and benzoic resin.

Brand says about environmentally responsible approach to recycling (mark was one of the first to release the scents tefilah). Therefore, experts Mugler made a bid for upcycling, which involves the re-use of rose petals after distillation, instead of their destruction. This method was first used in perfume production and helps to save plant resources by obtaining two extracts from the same flower, but to create out of waste quality raw material through recycling and the enzymatic method.

Deprived of the aroma of rose petals retain only its color. In the process of re-extraction was discovered, the new fragrance is more sensual.

the Face of novelty was Toni Garrn, who shares the values of the brand. German actress, model and philanthropist in 2016 started a Foundation Toni Garrn — the activities of this charitable organization aimed at protecting the rights of girls in Africa South of the Sahara and facilitate their entry into professional life through educational programs and grants.

eau de Parfum Angel Nova will be in stores in late summer and will be presented in four volumes: 30 ml (4 920 rubles), 50 ml (7 230 RUB.) and 100 ml (9 750 rubles).