Want to bite Prigogine critics said the show Mask

During the filming of the final show of “Mask” on NTV met all the necessary in a pandemic coronavirus security measures, and information on the reverse – attempts to bite. About this producer Iosif Prigozhin told URA.RU.

Rambler wrote that “the Mask”, a music TV show on NTV, which was the celebrity. They were in masks, and the audience had to guess who is behind them. The final show took place on April 26. The winner became the lead singer of the band MBAND Anatoly Choi, hiding under the mask of a lion.

According to Prigogine, during the filming of the final show and the “Stars align”, which came to the participants of the project were not violated security measures.

“There are certain television subtlety. Everything associated with the quarantine and regulations, nothing had been disturbed. Now, when the project “Mask” a big success, there is a large quantity of people who want to bite” — he explained.

Commenting on the failure by the project participants of quarantine measures, which appeared in the media, the producer said that it starts with “looking for worms”.

“We do not rejoice in the successes. We empathize and sympathize with the loss, but do not rejoice in victories. Some kind of an impasse,” he complained.