Sophia Ernst

32-year-old Sophia Ernst does not seek to put his personal life on display, so that the quarantine only played into the hands of the actress.

go Out is not necessary, so that the wife of Konstantin Ernst can fully devote yourself to your maternity leave. We will remind that in December of last year officially became aware of the pregnancy of Sophia, and in may of this year, the telegram channel, “the Heroine of Tatler” reported that Ernst had a son.

Sophia and Konstantin Ernst,

the actress did not comment on the addition to the family, but shared a few shots of the after life. Photo of baby Sophia still is not showing the burst of candor until he completed only landscape sketch “stroller on the background of the Gulf of Finland”.

However, the missing mom of three children (with Konstantin Sophia also has two daughters — Erica and Kira) and meeting friends. Recently, the actress shared a selfie with his former classmates in the School-Studio MXAT.

the friendly course

— signed frame Sophia.

Sophia Ernst with friends

Broke recently, the actress and the capital on the rare nowadays secular party. In one of the new cafe in the center of Moscow took place the event of the Gucci brand devoted to online screening of the brand. Sophia could not hide his joy to return to previous social life.

What was happiness to finally get “the people” after isolation,

— signed actress its a video from the beauty salon where she was getting ready to exit.

Recall, about the affair between Sophia and Konstantin Ernst spoke in 2013, and four years later, the media reported that the pair legalized relationships. However, only in 2019, the actress has confirmed about her marriage with media Manager and first talked about their relationship and acquaintance.